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Aspiring UX Designer and Castle Fan from Indiana.
henrysdunhams: Evil isn't born, it's made.castleismyobsession: Castle is my Obsession!kissmecaskett: IDK Man, I just really like Castlestanasongs: put my name in boldekinham: I love you with all my heartcaskett-and-coffee: caskett and coffeemrs-chanandler-bong21: Writer And His Museuniversal-invariants: Vincit omnia veritas.rcalwayskb: BE YOURSELFdopeydoo: Shut the front door!johnwartson: I'm not fucking beigereleaseurinhibitions: ahoy, sexy!lysssmcdermott: For All The Things That You're Alive To Feel.castleismyoneanddone: Somebody's got to nail my fins to the floorstanacatic: "sometimes i just get hungry, okay?"icanrelateto: Photos and Quotesquotediaryofficial: Quote Diarypicsandquotes: Pictures and Quotesbeckett-katic: Believe in the Possibility of Magicthe-absolute-funniest-posts: The Absolute Funniest Postsalways-avenging-in-budapest: Always and Forevercaskettluver: TV Romancescaskett-happened: dont apologize for something that makes you happyqueerkybarnes: did i step on your moment?loverofcastle: Castle Alwaysbuffyshot: Buffyshotwickedclothes: Wicked Clothescaptivatethefearless: melanieexox: Because You Didn't See This Coming...browneyesmeetblue: Fangirl on the loosevampire-originals: "TVD & TO DAILY"tardirosal: Smaller on the outsideteff1993: ♥extraordinaryfearlessness: Extraordinary Fearlessnessoktotalk: OK2TALKmy-teen-quote: My Teen Quotecaskett-case: i'll never stop fighting for himthe-personal-quotes: The Personal Quoteskaticings: glass film, perfume, cognac, lilacfembot77: Cupids with Trapskaticparrilla: Loves A Lotstanastia: stanastiabeckettaddison: keep the dorkus flowingskyewardling: We can grab a drink. You and me.badasskatebeckett: To my always. You make saving the world magical.greys-castle: queenkatiee: Be A Queenfindcakeeatcake: “i can be quite sarcastic when i'm in the mood.”petite-sorciere: you were born with a wanderer's soulecrivainetflic: a writer and a copmakingloveinthecastle: castle castle castlenikkiheat16: My-safe-word-is-applesfightingforanimals: Veganism is not a sacrifice; it is a joy.bananalovingrunner: I love bananas and runningtherandomthoughtsofawriter: The Random Thoughts of a Writerkeeperofthetardis: Once in a lifetime, you live and love...psych-quotes: Psych-Quotespsych-facts: Neurolove.meadorable-stana: STANA♥fanficwriterghc: FanficwriterGHCcaskettfreak21133: Caskett-in-Seattledet-beckett: sine timorekate-loves-rick: ÅʆᏊαƴىdeviantstar: deviantstarcastleramblings: Now shut up, and kiss me.mysanitycannotbesaved: Random Shit of the Internetrecoveryisbeautiful: Recovery is Beautifultastelikefire: It's what you feel but can't articulate out loudobviously-a-mermaid: We Were Only Trying To Drown Herdeath-by-lulz: Death By LULZsasha-sexual: the foolvivi3-7: bamf-beckett: There are no victories. There's only the battle.reign-: long may she reigncarolinad423: I Need to Go....Over There --->beckett-loves-her-castle-coffee: My Muse, My inspiration, and My lifebobtheacorn: I'll Swear if I FUCKING Want Todietfitnesshealth: diet. fitness. health.holy-interruptus-batman: what's next?movingearths: what ifhealth-accomplished: Health Accomplished ✓jessieruthmueller: Maybe love can end the madnessmiss-bythebook: Welcome to my life!sevillage: too many books spoil the brothel.enigmatic-doctor-scully: Jiggawah?!onlybattles: goatmilkcertifiablysage: Just a reader and a daydreamerkatherine-becketts-castle: To My Always, You Make Saving The World Magicalclarrissssa: Clarrisssasweet-ladykisses: sweet lady kisses;makeyourownphilosophy: capsicle107: i am my own woman- first, last, and always10knotes: Only Posts With Ten Thousand Noteswanderingpassenger: Just Because.katigron: A castle can only have one king.castleincalifornia: stopping to smell the rosesallow-me-to-speak: Allow Me To Speakwalking--fairytale: Welcome To The Trip, Man.ffleurdelacour: idk... hiatus, maybeprismaticlife: By the grace of Katheryn Perrydeepfriedtwinkie: The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learnstxnxkxtic: Beautiful Messfindinggaby: Finding Gabypositiveoutlooksblog: Positive Outlooksginnnifergoodwin: I have been changed for goodhopelessaddicted: Hopeless Addictedplusxonexforever: you are insanestupid-jeans: Holler.castle-tvd-greysanatomy-bones: Take me awayendlessdanceandmusic: Endless Dance & Musicthenextsilkspectre: I am not afraidyoumakeme-laugh: Funniest stuff on the netvolcom1344: Enjoy The Ride With Mejumping-chinchilla-rogers: tibi. in omne tempus.shesfiction: Sleepless nights...amandaslifeaftercollege: We're adults. When did that happen?charlotttehoughton: CharlotteLouisesstanatic: life without fearmulaneysbutt: The Moral Backbone of a Chocolate Eclairdfjules: Oh Me Oh My!ericasreed: real is just a matter of perceptioncoffee-cups-and-raindrops: For who could ever learn to love a beast?gailscheesepuffs: you are insane, you know that right?dathlena: the only one i can count on, is mekellliohara: Let It Sing.angryfeministbabe: faurubarroo: Life's fracking fantasticalwhenthestardanced: meet the stormcastleonserenity: Drop Dead Hideousgloriouskatic: Forget your faith in me.becketts-one-and-done: Alwayscop-helper: Sunny, Chance of Ass Kickingspaceman-earthgirl: From The Shireyourlittleharmonicaishammered: I’m Monica. I’m disgusting.little-miss-curvy: Queendrowninginherownthoughts: this is me. plain and simple.styleyourbody: Make a difference!fit-and-skinny-kate: Be Healthy, Be Happy!meemzey: Live Laugh Loveshowswelove: Caskett ~ Stana Katic ~ Nathan Filliondreamentrada: You Are Extraordinarywecaught-eachother: Swingsets and Skeletonsbeckettspluckysidekick: Vincit Omnia Veritasjust-another-suffering-guy: Guys Suffer Too!panananapananana: Panananapanananamaydashparade-cashtle: Mayday Parade+Castlewalkingtravestyyyyx: Shut the front door.the-caskett-always: The Little Caskettsavannanicoleee: Faith. Hope. Love.imnotacoptodayhoney: Must be a writermusingfan: If only.aaronpocalypse: The opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creationarethestarsouttonight: Room of Requirementcastlefanatic-br: Castle Fanatic BRreigndaily: Reign Dailycontinue-to-be-amazing: Continue To Be Amazingbeckett-ing: "Someone better than me"castlesmuse: never end.onlinecounsellingcollege: COUNSELLING BLOGcatherinemiddletons: baby cambridge 2.0apocalyptic-paradiddle: people like grapesthatfunnyblog: That Funny blogclimbingtothelight: I am done being afraid.missstanakatic: Hello, Sweetie~dream-of-electric-sheep: you're still wildin-this-reverie: Stuck in this reveriebeautiful-unusual: dare to be something morestanakaticbrasil: Stana Katic Brasilthedetectiveandthewriter: Apples&Cherriesrandom-ship: Random-Shiplpsecretdiary: This is the diary of Laura Palmerluvcbalways: Fools In Loveahvenjers: vatican cameosbev1will: YeahYeahYeahitsquel: you are scientifically incorrectnotyetlostfaith: The Unintelligible Ramblings of Meidontspeakmonkey: TOUR DE L'ESPACEobsessionsoflife: Obsessions of Lifecastlealways218: Truth Conquers Allnothingbutshelbert: The Blondes with BOB & Blakeaprilcarstairs: you could rattle the starsthey-messed-me-up: They stole what's good in me.castlefreak2121: Nothing but Castletihanasplit79: The President of Fantasylandzodiacchic: Zodiac Chicrickate-kateick-caskett: Castle, cast of Castle, and other stuffforgottenfeeelings: Forgotten Feelingstvfanatic: Nothing Happens Unless First a Dreamthedailypozitive: The Daily Positiveextraordinarypartners: May We Meet Againpeetaismyhero: if i was a unicorn, i'd never be angrybuttonupkitten: Button up, Kitten. We're going home.stanakatic-enoughsaid: Stana Katic, enough said.zooeycarter: Rainbow Kisses and Unicorn Stickersmrs--castles: I've got magic beansofficialfitspiration: KEEP GOINGbeckettsestra: You're Damn Right.shipper4life: Shipper4Lifea-sassy-dragon: anyone can be killedstarbuckhan: Edge of the Worldiamnotunchanged: kaleidoscope heartmisskitkatcupcake: Miss KitKat Cupcakesomuchaboutsomuch: So Much About So Much!alexisdawn: Future Authorcaskett-coffee-and-always: kennedys way or the high waywondertwinc: para-para-paradiseelizabthmontgomery: on a rollletthewordsfallout: Welcome to reality, Superstar.drinkingcastleskoolaid: I'm Only Humandetsantiago: i do believe some things are meant to beagentbering: promise you'll remember medarling-justlive: I am what I am.writingonthecastlewalls: Writing on the Castle Wallswickedlycaskett: til death do us parttoopandatofunction: World loverbeckett-luvs-her-goober: Live.laugh.love.writersmuse: ..free fall through life with youasherston: asherstonmlf2623: Love Will Stand When All Else Fallschubby-bunnies: ✿ CHUBBY BUNNIES ✿cmfan321: "Wifey, Light of my life, Suger bear?"caskett12: You were with me the whole timeleilockheart: Images and Wordsdaydreamingexistentialist: Life Through My Filter.bevfank: the sunlight is always gonna take love awaytell-me-our-story-endlessly: Lovesick Foolcrimedramaromanceperfection: squandering my youth on the internetallons-youwish: Sigh No Morewhy-am-i-narrating: Life is a story worth tellingtheactressthing: bæristaprobalicious: I try to be drunk and serene.fragilesecrets: Inside all of us is a Wild Thingbattlewhispers: Welcome to my Words.fivehundredyearsofsolitude: Mr Smolderhaldercaityllotz: not exactly a fairytalebeckettsbitchface: I gave you the look!sofika0707: Vincit omnia veritasbzangy: Bzangy Picoaduproductions: ADUProductionsgracewillprazeyou: THE HOLY TRINITY OF YOUTUBEkitkatbex47: Stana Is Lifemrandmrscaskett: Rise of The Runawaysphotorator: Photorator - Beautiful Photographythecasketteers: I kinda thought you were an assdianelockhart: me, the machine can dreamalwayswiththecoffee: next time, let's do it without the tiger.robot-rainstorm: Stuck In Traffickaticstoleacastle: we're all stories in the end.swikeupyolife: Swike up yo lifenottrampis: Not Trampis ( look at google blog as well)governmentsecrets47: Casketty Goodnesspauliporcupine: a kingdom of isolationstanaismuse: To My Always.evesix: evesixablogsblog: Izzy's Blogalways--extraordinary: Pursue Happinesssuspentiousmusethievery: immune to troublesmy-fresh-beginning: Don't Forget To Love Yourselflovequotesrus: LoveQuotesRusdiet-andexercise: weight loss blogbecomelean: Become Leancastlecasketteer: Earth Girlbabycastle09: BROADWAY HERE I COMEannielovescaskett1998: Caskett stoled my heart♥47secondsofveritas: ALWAYS YOUbeautifulpicturesofhealthyfood: Beautiful Pictures Of Healthy Foodalwaysextraordinarykb: Seestras On A Roadtrip.
Alwayscharles-bingley: kathryncrusher: teach my song to rise to youpurplewaters: If there is a straw.. I'm graspingmightyfemme: mighty fat mighty fine mighty femmestarstrucksarah: starstrucksarahrickcasshole: one really sad lionagentrromanoff: nothing lasts foreverkaticisms: Its not drinking alone if you pour one for the catobsessivecastledissorderr: I'm a one writer girlnostabbingwednesdays: God Complex, what does that even mean?fuckingmulder: my constant, my touchstone.babygray: babygraycastlefreak005: CASTLEthecafebean: Trapped in a frame, captured like photographs.howonsexual: 解けない魔法spooookyfoxmulder: youwerefantasticrosemcgeekle: You are not aloneamy08lynn: Amy`s blogcastlevitalscenes: Castle Vital Scenesquietchaos: This quite chaos driving me madbecks-castle41319: So Let's Talk...thewriterandhismuse: Alwaysseriously-stana-katic: Inside the mind of a fangirl.countoamillion: bitch with wifi.clardelune: who is to rulecarleeemma: fitness-and-sparkles: 68 lbs down, 10 to go!caskett-copop83: All the songs make sense.chocolateisafoodgroup: The stories we love best do live in us foreverbeckett-kendrick-vause-zane: I don’t want ordinary … I want magickaatic: tattoo and a smile.sparklemouse: and no one dared disturb the sound of silencecallizonamfeo: Everything that I do is for you

AU: Ryan and Esposito discover that Beckett’s pregnant (in collaboration with ali)

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