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Aspiring UX Designer and Castle Fan from Indiana.
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I love you too.theawezomekid: TheAwesomeKid™versahey: caskettshipper96: Lonely Girl With Tons Of Friendstardirosal: Smaller on the outsidefanficwriterghc: FanficwriterGHCblaze78-caskettalways: Always.randomrisa: now, shut up & kiss me.castleismyoneanddone: Release the stuffed animalsjumping-chinchilla-rogers: Breaking Characterlifeinfrontofthebox: Emma, Dana, Castle, Heatherohlovequotes: modern-day-classic: The Snow Queenquotediaryofficial: Quote Diaryicanrelateto: Photos and Quotesstanatic-41319: MY LIFEfailureismybiggestfear: FAILURE IS MY BIGGEST FEARfisheeluver94: LanghamStyleobsessionsoflife: Obsessions of Life10knotes: Only Posts With Ten Thousand Notesspacecowboybriony: We all dream of leaving...sg1immortalized: Imagination Encircles the Worldwait-what-im-so-confused: uh??nayakatic: I always know when you're lyingowlsomenurse: Always & Foreverdanyshandmaiden: allison is in the stars with zoewhenthestardanced: meet the stormpennybakerclub: Penny Baker Clubstay----motivated: Motivation is Keymishatmorris: Fartskil2dei: Still Flyfitness-and-sparkles: 68 lbs down, 10 to go!blupix: always believe in your soulthenextsilkspectre: Jon Osterman's science buddycaskett-copop83: All the songs make sense.death-by-lulz: Death By LULZffleurdelacour: ✭regina phalange;katebeckettswift: The Cream In My Coffeepicsandquotes: Pictures and Quotesswanandthesociopath: for a first effort this feels last ditcharthur-morgana: big damn heroesreleaseurinhibitions: ahoy, sexy!captain-gryffindor: i really am ruggedly handsome, aren't i?beckett-kendrick-vause-zane: I don’t want ordinary … I want magicpsych-quotes: Psych-Quotesfillmycoffeecupwithriddles: Breathe your life into my poetryshesfiction: Sleepless nights...forevercastle: ♫ ♪ I'll help you break the walls down ♪ ♫dearestqueen: oh, the irony.chubby-bunnies: ✿ CHUBBY BUNNIES ✿forstanakatic: Snaps?satisfied-determination: Becoming who I amacastledisciple: ACastleDisciplecaskettshipperprincess: Be who you imagine you to becozcat: And your costumes have always been appalling!a-really-good-font: Solve Me A Crimeteaspoon-of-happiness: Always & Foreverdiet-andexercise: weight loss blogbecomelean: Become Leangingerr--rampage: We mend each other.queenkatiee: Love Yourselfphoenix-cry: always be a unicorn.castleramblings: OK, wow. She is not invited to the wedding.deepfriedtwinkie: The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learntherandomthoughtsofawriter: The Random Thoughts of a Writerreckless-birdy: Sine Timoreimalittleredtorvette: Nothing can change destinyenglishstrawbie: a place in the cloudsekinham: I love you with all my heartprincessconsuelabananahammock1: Love > Fearhighfunctioningsociopath-221b: pair of weirdoscastle-41319: So, It Wasn't A Dreamohtentoo: "Other girls were faint stars; she was his sun."babygray: babygrayalwaysastory: There's always a story. You just have to find it.fuckyeahtattoos: FYeahTattoos.comfit-and-skinny-kate: Be Healthy, Be Happy!castlefreak005: CASTLEcasketissonboard: Life with Castlemeemzey: Live Laugh Loverecoveryisbeautiful: Recovery is Beautifulshowswelove: Caskett ~ Stana Katic ~ Nathan Fillionspiritualinspiration: Spiritual Inspirationdreamentrada: You Are Extraordinarymelanieexox: Because You Didn't See This Coming...gaksdesigns: .overweight-brunette: You really are remarkable.iv-x-vi: give your heart and soul to melivesofcaskett: I almost died and all I could think about was you.nowyoukno: Now You Knowsasha713: Shut the Front Dooriadoresherlock: so i raise a morphine toast to you alleletheowl: ELETHEOWLmy-otp-is-canon: YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALIDmarisha-nep: L.O.V.E.icecubes-and-apples: 'One & Done'amdrennan: All the Right Friends...nikki-will-burn: No envy, no fear.a-writers-home: i was enchanted to meet you ♡leilockheart: Images and Wordshowonsexual: 解けない魔法claire-livy: darling-justlive: I am what I am.beautifulpicturesofhealthyfood: Beautiful Pictures Of Healthy Foodextraordinaryremarkablemaddening: Extraordinary Remarkable Maddeninghowthisworks-caskett: You do know how this works, right?bestworstmistake: The Possibility of Magicclimbingtothelight: I am done being afraid.malsreynolds: horny engaged lionsdrake--ramoray: WHAT WOULD YOU DO ?castleabc-fans: A Writer and His Musenottrampis: Not Trampis ( look at google blog as well)healthyfiiitness: HealthyFiiitnessglendashearman: romantickate5876www-caskettalways: Alwaysmysterious-fun: Did you come here searching for something?shippingfest: Eachothers perfectdiet-fitness-h-e-a-l-t-h: ☼diet. fitness. health.☼meet-me-in-the-pourin-rain: bite my cuppycakecosimascormiers: Welcome to the trip, manxb6783746: - if I let myself care, all I feel is pain -blufire714: N.A.M.Z.U.G.E.D.sandycrazyfan: Things I LOVEspecialagentzivadinozzo: Tony, You Are So... Loved.-Zivadianelockhart: this is a crying sectionmaddygirlkbecks: M.T.O'Connorhiddlestxned: stanatic18: Castleprometheushaslanded: Everyone Has Secretsmy-fresh-beginning: You are perfect.lovequotesrus: LoveQuotesRusimbatmanshhhh: YOU GIVE ME A HART ONjohnwartson: I'm not fucking beigethedailypozitive: The Daily Positiveteilzeitkreativ: Living life's imaginationsandcastlesandsunlight: None of them were you.trustoneself: we are all brokenrausllycaskett: Always Partnerskeepingupwithkatic: shut up and kiss meitsquelsworld: you are scientifically incorrectf-i-t-spiration: fitspiration9yr-old-on-a-sugar-rush: Ramblings of a fangirlapples-cherries105: Feeding the Birdspsych-facts: Neurolove.mejudygrimes: unmitigated, unadulterated, immutable truthandyflynns: i give good deadgovernmentsecrets47: Casketty Goodnesssabr06: Telefilm addicted.lunaticforkatic: I like our storycertifiablysage: Just a reader and a daydreamercastielcastle: Bing A Lingbyhimforhim: By him, for himskrepo4kacrazy: So help me get over the butterflies...coffee-means-love: I'm Ella. I love tv and food.thisisfromawhileago: Starry Eyed Look . . .aliciaflorrcks: always.sarang-light: 외톨이야whofeykingcares: What the WHAT?piercethevirgin: 安东尼swanqueen-always: Random Thoughtsin-fitnessandin-health: In Fitness & and in healthstanalcatic: a writer and his musechrismukkahinacup: everybody pants nowshakespeareanwit: we are the stake, yet we look on the contest with nickmillerswife: YouHaveNoIdeaWhatYouMeanToMethegreatgeorgia: Smushed Up Against the 4th Wallsmudgeofpaint: queen of the cloudscaskett-in-love: alwaysforgettingtolive: ♥alyssinmymind: Life,less words,carry on..iamnotunchanged: kaleidoscope heartbreathlifein: Fata Morganayoudontlookderangedtome: So it wasn't a dream...myfidgetball: After the Stormdownthe-rizzles-caskett-holewego: Down the Rizzles & Caskett hole we go...thedoinkdoinkgirl: I Walk Alonenostabbingwednesdays: God Complex, what does that even mean?tellmeyouloveme--always: Always?rebel-becks: stanaabanana: He's the cream in my coffee.boundbychoices-morethanmistakes: Lost&Confusedbookoisseur: Bookoisseurcasisaidlegs: You think it's a weakness? make it a strength.stanatic-and-castlelover: Imagineicantbeperfectbuticanbefit: The Pursuit Of Happinessobviously-a-mermaid: Let the storm rage on.sofika0707: Don't ruin my story with your logic...dickcastle: sure. fine. whatever.somestupidnoblereason: in an arrow heartalwayshavingcourage: But I believe in you, and I believe in us.angryfeministbabe: wayward-wind: Blopletsbefreaksaltogether: a little of everything perhapsneverthoughtidbesoinspired: Never Thought I'd Be So Inspiredstanaswonderland: Castle, Sneakers and all kinds of...alittlenerdycastiel: airbefore: universal longingssamitballi: I Have Confidence In Meeverything-ncis: Everything NCISshatteredsoulx3: No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.alwaysshipper: time will tellto-my-always: it's not about the books anymore.chocolateisafoodgroup: The stories we love best do live in us forevernikkiheat: the girl who was on fireonevoiceonelife95: OneVoiceOneLifefuckyesalways: Fuck Yes, Alwaysthanks-always: Risking our hearts is why we are alive.be-with-katherine: My life, a beautiful mess..nikkicaskettlover: Making Sense of Songssomeone1526: Someone Simplealwayshappier15: Nothing is Inevitable.thekillerisazombie: Castle, FLO & morestanacatnip: Walk Tallsmileyouarebeautiful789: It is not about the books anymorekate-loves-rick: Alwayscapsicle107: i don't require your helphellboundbrothers: welcome to my humble abodeapples-cherries-and-ice-cubes: Poke you? I want to kiss youbriwd: Stories and lifelittle-miss-curvy: ♛ The Curvy Warrior ♛always47coffees: Always 47 Coffeescldd5678: The Musings of Somebody, Somewherecastlesmuse: Vmars marshmallowhartossexuals: oopthandymcnope: PLEASE DON'T KILL SARA LANCEwellplacedpawn: Stop dreaming, Start believing.youfluttermywings: Being fully dressed is overratedtalkallthetalk: sigur er smitandikaticstoleacastle: you're in my veinsamywilliamsss: When I was a little girl I had an imaginary friendredcurlsanddreaminggirls: tumbling through tumultuous terrorskalindasharmas: i think this will make sense if i get more wine.factsfictions: Facts & Fictionscastles-sanctuary: The place I can release my Fan Girl Ramblings....thecasketteers: castle, you were an assdetectivejane: Like Mulder and Scully?asdfghjkllove: Read and Relateidontspeakmonkey: TOUR DE L'ESPACEbooyacastle: I’m a cop… helper.caskett-andromeda: You'll never get rid of me. I love you.stunninglystana: an entire galaxy could live off her smilewhatsafangirltodo: you can't take the sky from mexfkirsten: Nerds and Castlesatpingwithstana: Fata Morganadrissica: One more off key anthemmovingearths: tiva is endgamestxnxkxtic: Beautiful Messcaskett-ing: My safe word is pineapples.worldsoul14: Worldsoul's Worldpetite-sorciere: little birdsuicideisnotanoption4u: Suicide is NOT an Option 4 Ucastle-esque: You're my friendthe-personal-quotes: the personal quotesimblondewhatsyourexcuse: You drive me nuts, Miller!mylifeinshows: atisketacaskett: All Things Castlepsykatic: psyKatic for Katictheveganredhead: Forgive.faurubarroo: Life's fracking fantasticalstanatic4life: '' Vincit Omnia Veritas ''caskett-feels: All Them Fandomswherethestorylineend: Time won't flynone-of-them-were-you--caskett: Always ... ♥ladybeckett: lady beckett, my lordagenttdunham: But we are not men.hodgepodgebrie: The sun was in my eyessexpionage: i feel like a caged cheetah sometimes

AU: Ryan and Esposito discover that Beckett’s pregnant (in collaboration with ali)

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