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Aspiring UX Designer and Castle Fan from Indiana.
drinkingcastleskoolaid: I'm Only Humanxnolifewithoutmusicx: No Life Without Musicgloriouskatic: Forget your faith in me.stanakaticks: you're my home, chuck. you always have been.sasha-sexual: wow/I knowallons-youwish: Sigh No Moredetectivejane: Like Mulder and Scully?scullymd: Yes, may I please speak to pizza?wondertwinc: para-para-paradisechimicheese: cheese is expensedandelionnwine: dreamernottrampis: Not Trampis ( look at google blog as well)castlecasketteer: Earth Girlskyewardling: We can grab a drink. You and me.sarcasmismysoul: Under Constructionohmystana: i'm marrying himwritingonthecastlewalls: Writing on the Castle Wallsmaslanykatic: i love herquotediaryofficial: Quote Diarypicsandquotes: Pictures and Quoteswhofeykingcares: What the WHAT?psych-facts: Neurolove.mehowonsexual: 解けない魔法the-absolute-funniest-posts: The Absolute Funniest Postsqueenrmills: the distance betweeneiregirl05: "Do I look like I'm trying to be funny?"beckettsestra: You're Damn Right.psychofactz: PSYCHOFACTZ.coffeeandbookoclock: Coffee and Book O'Clockericasreed: it looks like rain ♡nikki-heatt: Vincit Omnia Veritasqueen-ofthecastle: rivers til' I reach you.countoamillion: bitch with wifi.katebeckettcastle: weathered, unapologetic storiescaskettlover: Alwaysqueenkatiee: Be A Queencatnipeverdin: Not today.kellioharas: love is always betternikki-rook: dont ruin my story with your logicthedoctorismybff: Just so I can see a smile on your facehaveafeyntasticday: definition of a crazy personcaskett-case: i'll never stop fighting for himreplacefearwithcuri0sity: Replace Fear Of The Unknown With Curiosityleighlifts: The life of Leigh,bedroom-acoustics: whoa! that tall child looks terrible!anatomyofashipper: welcome to storybrookeextraordinaryfearlessness: Extraordinary Fearlessnesscrimeandcoffee: all i wanted was you.youkillmypatience: a ship without a nameturnyburny: Let it Beginrickate-kateick-caskett: Castle, cast of Castle, and other stuffbananalovingrunner: I love bananas and runningfisheeluver94: LanghamStylepsych-quotes: Psych-Quotescontinue-to-be-amazing: Continue To Be Amazingaplacetomakeyourstand: child of the universejefferbelle: Take a Dip in My Daydreamsphotorator: Photorator - Beautiful Photographyhopelessaddicted: Hopeless Addictedfancastle101: Castle's Blogidontspeakmonkey: TOUR DE L'ESPACEjust-to-see-a-smile-on-your-face: Just to see a smile on your facemissmegrose: missmegroselovequotesrus: LoveQuotesRuswickedclothes: Wicked Clothesdeath-by-lulz: Death By LULZiwantobemorethanwhoiam: You think it’s a weakness? Make it a strength.alex-vause-chapman: Welcome to the island of a misfit toyorthoqueen: that's complexniehausbrochu: you're an idiotqueerkybarnes: did i step on your moment?holy-interruptus-batman: you can't take the sky from meclimbingtothelight: I am done being afraid.my-teen-quote: My Teen Quotethe-personal-quotes: the personal quotesbuffyshot: Buffyshotobsessedtiffles: Merakikarengillan: cheer up have an icecreamthewriterandhisdetective: Castle Fangirl Bennetthealth-accomplished: Health Accomplished✓sunrisefromindigo: all the songs that make you shake will be by mescribblecat27: Scribblecatcatherinemiddletons: أحب نفسك أولاangryangels-evilqueens: dietfitnesshealth: diet. fitness. health.becomelean: Become Leanchubby-bunnies: ✿ CHUBBY BUNNIES ✿lrbcn: Normal is overrated.showingmethestars: I'm a sucker for war stories in Romance languagesletthewordsfallout: Welcome to reality, Superstar.aclonetasticcastle: What a clonederfull worldnothingbutshelbert: The Blondes with BOB & Blakezazima: Princess of the Nightdathlena: maybe this is a better version of meannielovescaskett1998: Caskett stoled my heart♥wearwhatyouwatch: Wear What You Watchextraordinarypartners: Like a Fucking Dream I'm Living Incoffeeforyoursmile: I Never Stoppedheat-wave: into the blue.drowninginlove: seeking perfection in an imperfect world.bookoisseur: Bookoisseurrickcasshole: one really sad lion10knotes: Only Posts With Ten Thousand Notesfuckyeahtattoos: FYeahTattoos.comforgottenfeeelings: Forgotten Feelingscptstarbuck: Same boat, different pantsbeckett-loves-her-castle-coffee: ALL THE SONGS MAKE SENSE.makingloveinthecastle: castle castle castlebecketts-one-and-done: Alwaysnic6879: Don't get up yet. Stay in bed.coffeeshopcynic: Coffee Shop Cynicbeautifulpicturesofhealthyfood: Beautiful Pictures Of Healthy Foodjumping-chinchilla-rogers: tibi. in omne tempus.workoutlivelove: Workout, Live, Loveoliviasgrant: I look nice, but im not nice.lifesmorepainlessforthebrainless: Everyone deserves the chance to fly.....claratylah: The stars shine so brightahvenjers: vatican cameosomg-you-are-proposing: we're still flyingjohnwartson: I'm not fucking beigegreeenarrow: Cosmogyralnitratesdayrates: anything but emptysynorama: BIG BADDA BOOMwayward-wind: Blopcaityllotz: not exactly a fairytaleijustwantyou-alwayss: I'm just a hardcore shipper like every other girlicanrelateto: Photos and Quoteselsaba-thropp: if I just dreamspaceman-earthgirl: From The Shireravlau: Biomlf2623: Love Will Stand When All Else Fallsfit-and-skinny-kate: Be Healthy, Be Happy!meemzey: Live Laugh Loverecoveryisbeautiful: Recovery is Beautifultvfilmjunkie1984: I'm A Rollin' Stone All Alone And Lostspiritualinspiration: Spiritual Inspirationthedailypozitive: The Daily Positiveloveisaboutbeatingtheodds: Long Live The Evil Queensweet-ladykisses: sweet lady kisses;satisfied-determination: Becoming who I ambabygray: babygraypaulsensdonnas: the city was on fire for usitstoppedoctober1st: No one write songs about the ones that come easykelli-p: Kelli Paprilcarstairs: prev. flare25ekinham: I love you with all my heartdallasroarke: I could save the world but lose you.sibellahalllward: I'm your national anthemstanakaticfanatic: 'The problem is I don't want ordinary.'kosma-u: (not) the only addiction...youmakeme-laugh: Funniest stuff on the netstanasongs: put my name in boldallylifts: meepmopthegreatgeorgia: Smushed Up Against the 4th Wallalwaysconfusedcas: I'm confused.reginasmillls: have a shitty daydetectivescaskett47: detectivescaskett-47boundbychoices-morethanmistakes: Lost&Confusedsamitballi: I Have Confidence In Methetwelfth41319: beautiful messordinaryinsanity: Don't freak out...theclassyfitness: The Classy Fitnesscharlotttelouiise: CharlotteLouisethecasketteers: I kinda thought you were an assweforgotthepresident: Adorbolo Lindosauropskatic: stay with me, okay?josephinemarche: Note to self, drink more whiskysummersstark: and despite everything I'm still human.writingwell: In the Well of the Great Waveluvcbalways: vincit omnia veritastheveganredhead: Hello Heavencastlefanatic-br: Castle Fanatic BRkaticparrilla: Loves A Lotangryfeministbabe: mrstrinamills: i might have inhaled youstannisfaction: 'til the end of the linecassbones: Cassie's Bloggracewillprazeyou: THE HOLY TRINITY OF YOUTUBEmamrie: MAMRIE!yourlittleharmonicaishammered: I’m Monica. I’m disgusting.youdontlookderangedtome: So it wasn't a dream...my-fresh-beginning: Don't Forget To Love Yourselfbelieveinmikita: Ours is a great love story.babycastle09: I Believe in youcoquette-brunette: You really are remarkable.katequeenargent: toxinmelanieexox: Because You Didn't See This Coming...74flawsasofyesterday: I'm a Wiseass, Not a Jackassnikkiheat16: My-safe-word-is-applesspongyspice: the next supremejust-another-suffering-guy: Guys Suffer Too!caskett-in-love: alwaysgoodfuckingcoffee: I don't fucking care if you like it.pauliporcupine: a kingdom of isolationstana-katic: tabula rasamedicalfangirl: Med student by day, fangirl by nightbrowncoat-always: I believe in youlyhdiamartins: je ne sais quoimake-your-world-better: "All the songs make sense"airbefore: universal longingsveritablyfallacious: delicious ambiguity.castleabc-fans: A Writer and His Muselurlina: A cosmopolitan Lifestyleoktotalk: OK2TALKalways47coffees: Always 47 Coffeescastleismyoneanddone: Release the stuffed animalsplusxonexforever: You are insane.mcgeekle: You are not alonehair-dye: Life's too short for boring hairbarcacastle-iancolin-always: May the dance never end, and the music never stop.wellplacedpawn: Stop dreaming, Start believing.gillandersons: on hiatus until 9/9/14.dream-of-electric-sheep: hysterical strengthmammothluv: mammoth tumbleskillerbeckett: if you want me, earn meshatteredsoulx3: No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.lexichelle: 10 cent dreamsvillainandhero: But if we're sinnersk17l53: Let's Black Swan Those Bitches.coffee-cups-and-raindrops: For who could ever learn to love a beast?marionscotillard: you with me, simpkins?xtfania: I got lost in my universe, and you?president-of-fantasyland: Multi-Fandom Goodnesschristopherevams: apparition americancastledaily: Castle Dailyfightingforanimals: Veganism is not a sacrifice; it is a joy.castleonserenity: Drop Dead Hideouswearemorethanourmistakes: you brought me homenutritiousnomz: Nutritious Nomzveraflynns: sempre, castle.alwaysdefectivecastle: she took my coffee, castle!diet-andexercise: weight loss blogmiss-bythebook: Welcome to my life!little-miss-curvy: Queenbluecastle77: White Noisesdetsantiago: I'm fighting for youhitched41319: Untitledbeckett-castle: The Couple that Isalways-the-writer-vest: Vincit Omnia Veritas: Truth Conquers Allveggiesandmacros: Veggies, Muscle, Happiness and Smilesiadoresherlock: transcendencefivehundredyearsofsolitude: Mr Smolderhalderiamnotunchanged: kaleidoscope heartredandbluelights: Red & Blue Lightsdet-beckett: hey, lover.hartossexuals: oopthkathrynchristie: Why Wordscastlefreak005: CASTLEall-your-lives: If I die youngstanakaticbrasil: Stana Katic Brasilstanaswonderland: She took my coffee, Castle!alltheloststars: ♡♡ you can go your own way ♡♡kate-loves-rick: Alwaysthe-nautilus-shell-tattoo: There's Always A Storyrebel-becks: And So.showswelove: Caskett ~ Stana Katic ~ Nathan Fillionleilockheart: Images and Wordswashingtonkerry: SHE IS NOT A MAPLE TREE SHE IS A PERSONdaretochangeyourlife: I will always remember when you were the Doctor.andrew-heard: The Heard Tumblrpeetaismyhero: if i was a unicorn, i'd never be angryiwasjustthinkingyouknow: Let The Flames Begin...kaatic: tattoo and a smile.bevfank: the sunlight is always gonna take love awayflowrytea: ✨amandaslifeaftercollege: We're adults. When did that happen?juliannamargulies: not great, admittedlygisela03: Weird is all I've gotalaktarr: promise you'll remember meadancingdemon: multifandom mayhemlizard-on-ice: "I always felt attuned to you"bamf-beckett: There are no victories. There's only the battle.beckett-ing: "Someone better than me"shetookmycoffeecastle: A Line Has Been Crossedbethchildsonbroadway: tatiana maslanywoah-horse: shoot straightservethenuts: catherine goes to hollywoodpeterpanandstiles: Never Grow Upkiriana-oswin-castle: Adventurously Frustratednotforlonghere: howDoyouKnowYouAreAcastleFan?jwknapp64: James' Tumblerkitkatbex47: Stana Is Lifecastlefanfics: Castle Fanfictionhowthisworks-caskett: You do know how this works, right?booyacastle: I’m a cop… helper.tihanasplit79: The President of Fantasylandsmileyouarebeautiful789: everything has beautycapsicle107: i don't require your helpfoxsmulder: nine minutesthe-caskett-always: The Little Caskettmishatmorris: Fartsstarscythe: Starscythezodiacchic: Zodiac Chictacoemoji: joey ramona quimbyyou-kill-my-patience: Glow from the insidestark-wars: dont dead open insidephoebebuffays: Conceal, don't feelfunhousee: gracefulwallflower: All I Need Is Trustshesarmed: Triple Treble
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