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Aspiring UX Designer and Castle Fan from Indiana.
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Alwayscastleonserenity: Drop Dead Hideousparker-ed: Stay with me ♥woah-horse: shoot straightidontspeakmonkey: TOUR DE L'ESPACEsandorclegane: caskettlover: Alwayshealth-accomplished: Health Accomplished ✓diet-andexercise: weight loss blogrickate-kateick-caskett: Castle, cast of Castle, and other stuffdaenerys-mormont: Jiggawah?!stanacatnip: You Fought, You Loved, You Lost. Walk Tall.lexichelle: 10 cent dreamscaskettshipperprincess: Be who you imagine you to bebuffyshot: Buffyshotlittlecanuck: My Little Corner.beckett-katic: Believe in the Possibility of Magicstanauramazingjustthewayuralways: You Are Golden...chanelhesc: i love sconesleilockheart: Images and Wordsskyewardling: We can grab a drink. You and me.veraflynns: sempre, castle.in-fitnessandin-health: In Fitness & and in healthalakazampunkass: Keep Marching Onbeautiful-unusual: dare to be something morejumping-chinchilla-rogers: tibi. in omne tempus.mulaneysbutt: The Moral Backbone of a Chocolate Eclairtoopandatofunction: World loverzodiacchic: Zodiac Chicjosephinemarche: Note to self, drink more whiskey;castleabc-fans: A Writer and His Musekarkarrot: Swike up yo lifeangryfeministbabe: becks-castle41319: So Let's Talk...beckettwave: it's your letter, babe.sweetlittleclaraa: Are all people so much bigger on the inside?onceuponastana: Stana Katicasdfghjkllove: Read and Relatefivehundredyearsofsolitude: Mr Smolderhalderxb6783746: - if I let myself care, all I feel is pain -walking--fairytale: Welcome to the Trip, Man.seriously-stana-katic: Inside the mind of a fangirl.little-miss-curvy: Queenfit-and-skinny-kate: Be Healthy, Be Happy!recoveryisbeautiful: Recovery is Beautifultrustoneself: we are all brokenwanderingpassenger: Just Because.spiritualinspiration: Spiritual Inspirationthecafebean: Trapped in a frame, captured like photographs.thebigshotlastnight: Tiny, But Readytardirosal: Smaller on the outsidelexiesloan: mamrie ate paintbestworstmistake: The Possibility of Magicyoure-watching-castle: All Castle, All The Timecarrie--maries: whiskey memories47secondsofveritas: ALWAYS YOUskymalarky: Skyler michelecastleramblings: Now shut up, and kiss me.babe-itsyour-letter: Murder Is The New Blackcopsandwriters: the stars above us, the world at our feetkellliohara: Let It Sing.lovequotesrus: LoveQuotesRusqueengillybean: beep boopbamf-beckett: There are no victories. There's only the battle.always--extraordinary: Pursue Happinesstherandomthoughtsofawriter: The Random Thoughts of a Writerkarengillan: cheer up have an icecreamofficialfitspiration: KEEP GOINGmelanieexox: Because You Didn't See This Coming...obsessedtiffles: Merakipiercethevirgin: 安东尼petite-sorciere: you were born with a wanderer's soulgwnstacyss: a bunch of jackasses standing in a circlesmoke-the-world-away: Annabelle Doll∞tacoemoji: joey ramona quimbyrickcasshole: one really sad lionthey-messed-me-up: They stole what's good in me.claratylah: The stars shine so brightdream-of-electric-sheep: you're still wildgingerr--rampage: cool beansmyownlimelight: Writer, Nerdfighter, Harto-sexual, Castle Addicttvfilmjunkie1984: I'm A Rollin' Stone All Alone And Lostckwmuffins: "I've Had Just Enough Time"stanaticfan: Stana Katic is the center of my Universe!!cosimaniehausobvs: Shut The Front Door...gloriouskatic: Forget your faith in me.katequeenargent: some damn bad intentions ;;jailbaitjareau: come to the dark side... we have cheetoschubby-bunnies: ✿ CHUBBY BUNNIES ✿meghanav3: "I Still Don't Measure Up"chasingyoursilhouette: burdened with glorious purposeairbefore: universal longingsgisela03: Weird is all I've gotstanaswonderland: She took my coffee, Castle!catnipeverdin: Not today.tastelikefire: It's what you feel but can't articulate out loudcapsicle107: i am my own woman- first, last, and alwayssam-wilsonn: On Your Leftwordsthat-speak: My mind, it wanderswaterwell0613: Never Trust A Duck.nowyoukno: Now You Knowmcgeekle: You are not alonegenetically-identical: You're the puppy!makingloveinthecastle: castle castle castlefionaglenanne: It's Always Each Otheroktotalk: OK2TALKreginasmillls: o captain! my captain!aduproductions: ADUProductionsneed-4-fitness: I can recoverandthecentermusthold: You Had To Be Theremsobsessive: Katherine Houghton Castle has a nice ring to it.fidesangelus: permission to be randomcaskett-feels: All Them Fandomsbe-with-katherine: Self-Titled Castleiwantaflyingpony: One Writer Girlfindinggaby: Finding Gabyyoureawanker-number9: Mad Woman with a Blue Boxlucyripleys: see you in hell, bonersreign-: long may she reignscribblecat27: Scribblecatloganeccholls: crawl from the rubble and slowly rebuildrobot-rainstorm: Stuck In Trafficfuckyeahtattoos: FYeahTattoos.comsicklysatisfied: Are You Satisfied?beckett-loves-her-castle-coffee: My Muse, My inspiration, and My lifeelizabethlemonades: Television! Teacher, mother, secret loverbethannes: clear eyes, full hearts, kidscastletv: CastleTV.netyoukillmypatience: there goes my herotell-me-our-story-endlessly: Lovesick Foolxfkirsten: Nerds and Castlesmurderkissesandmagic: Risking our hearts is why we're alivebookoisseur: Bookoisseurclimbingtothelight: I am done being afraid.supernerd127: The Super Nerdwondertwinc: para-para-paradisewhat-makes-you-extraordinary: You are my solid ground; my north star.purplewaters: If there is a straw.. I'm graspingyourlittleharmonicaishammered: I’m Monica. I’m disgusting.debeklena: people die around you.letthewordsfallout: Welcome to reality, Superstar.reigndaily: Reign Dailycontinue-to-be-amazing: Continue To Be Amazingbeckett-ing: "Someone better than me"factandfictions: Fact and Fictioncastlesmuse: never end.psychofactz: PSYCHOFACTZ.onlinecounsellingcollege: COUNSELLING BLOGextraordinarypartners: May We Meet Againmademoisellekatebeckett: Officer and Gentlemanthatfunnyblog: That Funny blogin-this-reverie: Stuck in this reveriemakemestfu: Sanity turns to Vanity.14ulysse: I love food, okaydrissica: One more off key anthemvampire-originals: "TVD & TO DAILY"mlf2623: Love Will Stand When All Else Fallslevistrahovski: whiskey mouthswivellingbecketts: run you clever boy, and rememberchangesbringdifferences: Life Goes Ondamaged--goods: agent-fuckjoffrey: I'll see you with your laughter lineskathrynchristie: Why Wordslostinpotter: valar morghuliscaskettshipper-badassbeckettfan: I use the slow clap for everything..life-on-a-swingset: Police and Writerkaticstoleacastle: we're all stories in the end.probalicious: I try to be drunk and serene.badasskatebeckett: To my always. You make saving the world magical.dietfitnesshealth: diet. fitness. health.hijackedbycastle: Sometimes, you're wrongtallfreak94: My life... Beautiful mess.everything-ncis: Everything NCISscullmeister: I have moves you've never seenallthesongsmakesense: Time for some thrilling heroicshandshakemeanskissing: Always Caskettbzangy: Bzangy Picothebooksandmargarita: Lost in Reveriesirproperlydecapitatedpodmore: investigative is a fun wordallons-youwish: Sigh No Morewhy-am-i-narrating: Life is a story worth tellinghodgepodgebrie: The sun was in my eyesi-love-castle: CASTLEcastleloverforever: Yes, you kill my patienceworldtraveler41319: Castle meets the Enchanted Forestthetwelfth41319: beautiful messkaticanada: an entire galaxy could live off her smilewhenthestardanced: meet the stormcaskett12: You were with me the whole timeaugusters: the dust and memorylyndsey0334: The Everyday Magic of Lifesaucyjedi25: Truly.Madly.Deeply.allylifts: meepmopcastle-tvd-greysanatomy-bones: Take me awaybobtheacorn: I'll Swear if I FUCKING Want Toredandbluelights: Red & Blue Lightscaskettforever1055: Apples & Cherriesmaria-castle-jonas: Marii Castle Jonasrapunzel69: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholderthedetectiveandthewriter: Apples&Cherriescoffeeandneurons: You're in my veinsleofilz: hello, my old heart;theveganredhead: Where Are You?tvfanatic: Nothing Happens Unless First a Dreamhappybeckett: breakfast on tiffany
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