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Aspiring UX Designer and Castle Fan from Indiana.
worldtraveler41319: Castle meets the Enchanted Forestcassbones: Cassie's Blognothingbutshelbert: The Blondes with BOB & Blakedeath-by-lulz: Death By LULZcaskett-gonna-happen-land: Babe, it's your letterstannisfaction: 'til the end of the linemamriehelbig: Sleeve Me Alonephoebebuffays: Conceal, don't feeldirectionbeautymeaning: Music,life,lovesupernerd127: The Super Nerdqueerkybarnes: did i step on your moment?sunnylovely: You have no Ideacosimaniehaus0419: I just want to make crazy science like Cophinesirhlmes: not deaded.leofilz: remember me, sweet bravery;stanaswonderland: She took my coffee, Castle!myshipper-heart: Night Teresalittleharley: your heart is a cityfit-and-skinny-kate: Be Healthy, Be Happy!detcaskett: You are the dumbest genius I knowspiritualinspiration: Spiritual Inspirationbarcacastle-iancolin-always: May the dance never end, and the music never stop.thecafebean: Trapped in a frame, captured like photographs.caskett1996: Caught in the actbelieveinmikita: Ours is a great love story.queenrmills: the distance betweenboundbychoices-morethanmistakes: Lost&Confusedblogilates: ❤ BLOGILATES ❤nerdyalerty: Talk Nerdy to Mecosimaniehausobvs: Shut The Front Door...delena-caskett-always: My crazy obsessionscoffee-cups-and-raindrops: For who could ever learn to love a beast?forevermargaerytyrell: ♥ I JUST WANT TO BE ME ♥notjustpartners: Wanda the Bowleriwantobemorethanwhoiam: You think it’s a weakness? Make it a strength.katebeckettcastle: weathered, unapologetic storiessynorama: BIG BADDA BOOMdontlettimeforgetme: just a young heart confusing my mindmy-teen-quote: My Teen Quotethe-personal-quotes: the personal quotesgirlygirlsgettinfit: How Girls Do It10knotes: Only Posts With Ten Thousand Notesnbcnews: NBC News on Tumblrbecketts-areola: It's not about fate. It's about changing fate.annielovescaskett1998: Caskett stoled my heart♥ekinham: I love you with all my heartfuckyesalways: Fuck Yes, Alwayscastleabc-fans: A Writer and His Museoktotalk: OK2TALKcastleramblings: Now shut up, and kiss me.aaalways: about a hundred coffeesmissmegrose: missmegroseapples-cherries-and-ice-cubes: Poke you? I want to kiss youmelanieexox: Because You Didn't See This Coming...nowyoukno: Now You Knowgailscheesepuffs: the most wonderful person she's ever mettvfilmjunkie1984: I'm A Rollin' Stone All Alone And Lostncisgirl13: NCISgirl13fitness-and-sparkles: 68 lbs down, 10 to go!thatshumanity: tequila and thunderstormsairavana: skyewardling: We can grab a drink. You and me.xxcaskettxx: whatthatmeans: All I wantneurosciencestuff: Neurosciencelife-on-a-swingset: Police and Writermademoisellekatebeckett: Officer and Gentlemancaskett-copop83: All the songs make sense.agentrromanoff: i am iron mansensitiveriot: apparition americanlifesmorepainlessforthebrainless: Everyone deserves the chance to fly.....extraordinarypartners: Like a Fucking Dream I'm Living Inpsych-quotes: Psych-Quotespeetaismyhero: if i was a unicorn, i'd never be angryblupix: always believe in your soulquotediaryofficial: Quote Diarygingerastaire: Cigarette me, big boypicsandquotes: Pictures and Quotescastle-fan41319: Castle Fanhearttohart: 'you're my destiny Cohen'evesix: evesixmammothluv: mammoth tumbleswearwhatyouwatch: Wear What You Watchbeckett-kendrick-vause-zane: I don’t want ordinary … I want magickatherineshoughtons: is that a gay thing?deepfriedtwinkie: The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learna-sweet-little-mystery: I have to peeelizabthmontgomery: shut up and deallieutenantdarling: i'm your goddamn fate.villainandhero: But if we're sinnersmy-fresh-beginning: Don't Forget To Love Yourselfworkoutlivelove: Workout, Live, Loveidontspeakmonkey: TOUR DE L'ESPACEiges2u: iges2uthe-absolute-funniest-posts: The Absolute Funniest Postsstephisinsanity: watch out for hop-ons.birdcagesanddemons: I'm gonna drink myself to death with demon bloodcptstarbuck: Same boat, different pantskosma-u: (not) the only addiction...climbingtothelight: I am done being afraid.gingerr--rampage: cool beanspaulsensdonnas: the city was on fire for usmrs-chanandler-bong21: Writer And His Musestanakaticks: you're my home, chuck. you always have been.yfeelings: beating the odds.little-miss-curvy: Queenkaatic: tattoo and a smile.alicebecketts: Shot In The Heartthis--too--shall--pass: standing on the fringes of life.buffyshot: Buffyshotbeautiful-unusual: dare to be something morek17l53: Let's Black Swan Those Bitches.rickcasshole: one really sad lionfightingforanimals: Veganism is not a sacrifice; it is a joy.phoenix-cry: always be a unicorn.thedoinkdoinkgirl: nobody's homesweet-ladykisses: sweet lady kisses;psychofactz: PSYCHOFACTZ.obsessedwithcastle: Alwaysdevviedev: Tiny, But Readysam-wilsonn: On Your Leftsynnister: folie à deuxpsych-facts: Neurolove.meahvenjers: vatican cameosskrepo4kacrazy: So help me get over the butterflies...factsfictions: Facts & Fictionsbeckett-castle: The Couple that Iscaskett-in-love: alwaysjefferbelle: Break from Reality with a Dip in my Daydreamsginnifergoodwins: FRENCH ME YOU IDIOTletthewordsfallout: Welcome to reality, Superstar.releaseurinhibitions: ahoy, sexy!makeyourownphilosophy: mysunday85: :CRAZYLOVE:dreaming-to-be-happy: One life is all you getbeckettsestra: You're Damn Right.letharia-vulpinas: when you go through deep waters i will be with youjetgirl78: JetGirl: Neighborhood Fangirl Dealerohlovequotes: icanrelateto: Photos and Quotesthedailypozitive: The Daily Positivecastlefreak005: CASTLElongcatislooooong: longcat is looooongwondertwinc: para-para-paradiselyhdiamartins: je ne sais quoistellaandjamie: Stella & Jamietogetherwecatchkillers: Dreamer of improbable dreamsdetectivekatesblog: Detective Kate's Bloglife-ina-beautiful-light: Life in a Beautiful Lightcaskett-always4ever: Ours is a Great Love Story!!!flabofsteel: Flab of Steelbritblue318: only fools and fanatics are totally consistentsuccuboss: that's complexsicklysatisfied: Are You Satisfied?beckett-loves-her-castle-coffee: ALL THE SONGS MAKE SENSE.living-in-an-infinite-fiction: An Infinite Fictionwayward-wind: Blopbecketts-one-and-done: Alwaysfightingadepression: vanyax-x: Little weirdoqueenkatiee: Be A Queeni-blindside: Blindsidedwankymind: Shy in the streets, Sexy in the sheetsdeviantstar: deviantstarall-fit-and-toned: Living healthy lifebananalovingrunner: I love bananas and runningallthesongsmakesense: Time for some thrilling heroicscoffeeforyoursmile: I Never Stoppedangryfeministbabe: always-the-writer-vest: Vincit Omnia Veritas: Truth Conquers Allkatherineswan: To the end of the world, or time.innative-spirit: InNative Spiritofficialfitspiration: KEEP GOINGkalliopepl: Alakazam, jackass!oliviasgrant: I look nice, but im not nice.angryangels-evilqueens: gettinprettyskinny: Karen's Getting Fiiitdrowninginlove: seeking perfection in an imperfect world.health-accomplished: Health Accomplished ✓becomelean: Become Leandaenerys-mormont: Jiggawah?!chubby-bunnies: ✿ CHUBBY BUNNIES ✿nutritiousnomz: Nutritious Nomzoh-apple: i fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly, anbamf-beckett: There are no victories. There's only the battle.richard-katherine: ours is a great love storyjamz76: Emma Swan ~ Captain Hook ~ OUATsibellahalllward: I'm your national anthemcoffee-means-kiss: Alwayslisacaskettgreysfan: CaskettGreysFancaskett-case: i'll never stop fighting for himpauliporcupine: a kingdom of isolationhighfunctioningsociopath-221b: Jesus SHERLOCK!haveafeyntasticday: definition of a crazy personcontinue-to-be-amazing: Continue To Be Amazingbamsaidthelady: Bam Said The Ladytheresajoliepitt: It's There's a just without the apostrophejumping-chinchilla-rogers: tibi. in omne tempus.alwaysconfusedcas: I'm confused.freshcleanfit: ♥Gym Class Heroine♥youmakesavingtheworldmagical: This is where i stand.gracefulwallflower: All I Need Is Trustandyflynns: the recoil on these beanbag guns is awfulin-fitnessandin-health: In Fitness & and in healthrecoveryisbeautiful: Recovery is Beautifulpresident-of-fantasyland: Multi-Fandom Goodnessstratofortressb: In My Darkest Moment You Are At My Sidedarling-justlive: I am what I am.forgottenfeeelings: Forgotten Feelingscastle-esque: Bitch with WiFivanessa-atl: To Live and Let Goyourknightinshiningwhatever: Vincit omnia veritas.timetraveling-detective: Beating the odds, one coffee at a time.zodiacchic: Zodiac Chicofficerbeckett: we're gonna make itsorirc: stay in my life, okay?allylifts: meepmopjessieruthmueller: Out on a Limericktalkallthetalk: sigur er smitandialwayysblue: Every lonely monster needs a companion.elizabethlemonades: Television! Teacher, mother, secret loveritstoppedoctober1st: No one write songs about the ones that come easyandrew-heard: The Heard Tumblrcastlefanfics: Castle Fanfictionsandcastlesandsunlight: None of them were you.leosmcgarry: the secret plan to fight inflationbecamitchell: you'd look pretty in pinkmy-tardis-is-a-221b-impala: Mini-Hiatus, sorryalaktarr: promise you'll remember megoodbye-fatme: The New Meclaratylah: The stars shine so brightqueenderien: we're not making tapasfuckjoffrey: I'll see you with your laughter linesbehindgreeneyess: one writer girl.fidesangelus: permission to be randomthroughlookingmirror: Through the Looking Mirrorcaskett-lover-27-11: Caskett lovermore-than-just-black-and-white: nikkiheat16: My-safe-word-is-applestheclassyfitness: The Classy Fitnessbeckettsdrawer: I just wanna make like crazy science with youthe0ldhaunt: BIG DAMN HEROESnathantics: Mr. Filliondetective-swanqueen: Once upon a Coffeewherethestorylineend: ultraviolence;millionponds: every day in a million daysdamncastlelookatyou: the romantic in me says just be alive.chimicheese: cheese is expensecas-tle: may the music never stoptvhangover: TV Hangoverxxmolls: a girl blessed with a dark turn of mindbeckstiva: Sometimes the best teacup is chippedsandorclegane: keeperofthetardis: Once in a lifetime, you live and love...caracoleta07: A girl of many passionsshetookmycoffeecastle: A Line Has Been Crossedvampire-originals: "TVD & TO DAILY"atemschnapper: what a day for a daydreamforevercaskett: just like us..obsessedtiffles: Merakiweforgotthepresident: Adorbolo Lindosaurfivehundredyearsofsolitude: Mr Smolderhalderstaff: Tumblr Staffyoukillmypatience: a ship without a nametvfanatic: Nothing Happens Unless First a Dreamtunneyful: you dropped your fishsticksayebitchez: dont feed the ratchetsveggiesandmacros: Veggies, Muscle, Happiness and Smilessassyyetsimple: Frivolous Fangirlie Funcaskett-outlawqueen: Rainbow Kisses and Unicorn Stickersrickcastallion: until tomorrownitratesdayrates: anything but emptybeckettspluckysidekick: Vincit Omnia Veritascaskett-fae: idk what title write.karengillan: cheer up have an icecreamalex-vause-chapman: Welcome to the island of a misfit toypurplewaters: If there is a straw.. I'm graspingsmokeair: i'm bad at sexiadoresherlock: transcendencevakarrrian: Cosmogyralfuckyeahmaryandfrancis: it's you. it's always been you.fuckyeahfavouritethings: Accent à droite, bitch!henrysdunhams: Evil isn't born, it's made.-emmaaa: i effed it. i effed it all up.tell-me-our-story-endlessly: Lovesick Foolfionaglenanne: It's Always Each Othernikki-rook: dont ruin my story with your logicsomuchaboutsomuch: So Much About So Much!photorator: Photorator - Beautiful Photographydeliriousdaylight: Passion.It lies in all of us.dickcastle: sure. fine. whatever.niehausbrochu: you're an idiotdianelockhart: me, the machine can dreamonlybluebutterfly: I don't like your underwear. Take it off.keepcalmandwatchcastle: breakfast on tiffanythatfunnyblog: That Funny blogwhatthefawkes: Vincit omnia veritas.,diet-andexercise: weight loss blogkimbor: Mystry I Was Never Going 2 Solvesarcasmismysoul: Under Construction
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