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Aspiring UX Designer and Castle Fan from Indiana.
bethchilds29: tatiana maslanydamaged--goods: castle residence;stanacat: My life... Beautiful mess.elsaba-thropp: Revolting Tykestanaloveballs: purplewaters: If there is a straw.. I'm graspingfyeahreign: Reign airs Thursdays at 9/8chealtthy-fitness: Healthy Fitnessshipperalways: live-2day: If You Obey All the Rules, You Miss All The Funpoliviastory: TsinoOsuccuboss: what if i'm a monster?yourdrunkharto: CAMP TAKOTAijustwantyou-alwayss: I'm just a hardcore shipper like every other girlfightingforanimals: Veganism is not a sacrifice; it is a joy.changesbringdifferences: Life Goes Onstanathanlovelovelove: Monkey_monkey_underpants_alwayshavingcourage: But I believe in you, and I believe in us.k17l53: Murder, He Wrotetheevilboobs: catnipeverdin: Not today.theantipodeanhomo: theantipodeanhomoelenasblood: maybe this is a better version of mebabygray: babygraycapsicle107: i don't require your helpmishatmorris: Fartspossibleavenger: On va voirificouldfindaway: Learn to be strong.workoutlivelove: Workout, Live, Lovemakemestfu: Sanity turns to Vanity.cosimaniehaus3221: I always know when you're lyingpiercethevirgin: 安东尼obsessionsoflife: Obsessions of Lifesirhlmes: not deaded.iwantobemorethanwhoiam: You think it’s a weakness? Make it a strength.president-of-fantasyland: Multi-Fandom Goodnessforevercastle: ♫ ♪ I'll help you break the walls down ♪ ♫castleismyoneanddone: Release the stuffed animalsblondezilla90: I'm forever yours, Faithfully.gracewillprazeyou: CASKETT AND HOLY TRINITY FEELSquotediaryofficial: Quote Diaryicanrelateto: Photos and Quotesquoterepublic: Quote Republic™ - Relatable Quotescastleismyobsession: Castle is my Obsession!sunnylizz: SunnyLizzalways-caskett47: Love is not a switch, you can't turn it offcastleramblings: OK, wow. She is not invited to the wedding.shamalow22: Just me and my addictionsmyownlimelight: Writer, Nerdfighter, Harto-sexual, Castle Addictbeckett-wave: Shot In The Heartstanaworshiper: Alwaysawhmycaskett: stanakatics-bum: harbinger of deathshamsham28: Expect the Unexpected.47secondsofveritas: ALWAYS YOUfindcakeeatcake: “i can be quite sarcastic when i'm in the mood.”piolha427: free mind ☮thedailypozitive: The Daily Positiveforloversonly-always: For Lovers Onlychasingyoursilhouette: burdened with glorious purposestay----motivated: Motivation is Keymustardcookie: Must be one of those days...psych-quotes: Psych-Quotesalakazamcoffee: You always take me to the most charming places :)death-by-lulz: Death By LULZthespacetitanic: what a beautiful messjennifer-jareau: more plugs than nicholas cagekarengillan: no. no fack u.cybercylon: I'm fluent in geniuswait-what-im-so-confused: uh??his-muse-is-in-his-veins: Inspirationthebrokenqueen: the world would never look at you the same waysandorclegane: leighlifts: The life of Leigh,obsessionsoflifestyle: Obsessions of lifestylecastle-beckett-life: Castle + Beckett.pickle-flavored-pizza: But, Picture perfect, that's what it seems.....ffleurdelacour: ✭regina phalange;chubby-bunnies: ✿ CHUBBY BUNNIES ✿casisaidlegs: You think it's a weakness? make it a strength.arethestarsouttonight: Room of Requirementdiet-andexercise: weight loss blogzooeycarter: Rainbow Kisses and Unicorn Stickersangryfeministbabe: starlords: let's scream in his face anywaypepi1974: Castlereckless-birdy: Sine Timorelord-of-the-song: Nothing is Ever How it Seemscrimedramaromanceperfection: squandering my youth on the internetmartewinter: Smelling Roseslexiesloan: this party is mandatorystyleyourbody: Make a difference!stanakaticks: the cold never bothered me anywaystanathanbabies: they're practisingmarisha-nep: L.O.V.E.stanakaticseyelashes: kate.elizabeth.beckettthe-absolute-funniest-posts: The Absolute Funniest Postspicsandquotes: Pictures and Quotesdreaming-an-impossible-dream: I was born to be happy, not normal. consultingcriminal-inthetardis: Bowties Are Cooljumping-chinchilla-rogers: Breaking Charactercaskett-lover-27-11: Caskett loverqueenkatiee: Love Yourselfin-this-reverie: Stuck in this reveriedetective-swanqueen: Once upon a Coffeekalene-gets-healthy: Healthier, happiersuperwholockcaskett: vatican cameosbritblue318: only fools and fanatics are totally consistentwhy-am-i-narrating: Life is a story worth tellingallons-youwish: Silence Is the Perfectest Herald of Joyimblondewhatsyourexcuse: You drive me nuts, Miller!aditunosaonserei: You're available to suck it!jacksonshunt: you met the devil once10knotes: Only Posts With Ten Thousand Noteswankymind: Shy in the streets, Sexy in the sheetsfit-and-skinny-kate: Be Healthy, Be Happy!sasha713: Shut the Front Doorteaspoon-of-happiness: Always & Forevermeemzey: Live Laugh Loverecoveryisbeautiful: Recovery is Beautifulihave-noidea-whatim-doing: All about ME!spiritualinspiration: Spiritual Inspirationdie-for-a-little-closure: high hopes in velvet ropesandyflynns: i give good deadimnotacoptoday-honey: A WRITER LOOKING FOR HER MUSEswanqueen-trueloveiswhoyouchoose: "Love is the best thing we do"fitness-and-sparkles: 68 lbs down, 10 to go!caskett-copop83: All the songs make sense.swanandthesociopath: for a first effort this feels last ditchbeckett-kendrick-vause-zane: I don’t want ordinary … I want magicbxllxcks: nothing goes as plannedalwayslawless: alwayslawlessnostabbingwednesdays: God Complex, what does that even mean?ohtentoo: "Other girls were faint stars; she was his sun."rj-ships-rizzles: You smell like cinnamon and your smile is nice.hearttohart: 'you're my destiny Cohen'gemauari: Castle & Beckettriskinghearts: riskingheartsstanaswonderland: Castle, Sneakers and all kinds of...caskett-always4ever: Mr. C & Mrs. C to bemeet-me-in-the-pourin-rain: bite my cuppycakediet-fitness-h-e-a-l-t-h: ☼diet. fitness. health.☼bethchilds01: Welcome to the trip, manxb6783746: - if I let myself care, all I feel is pain -fuckyeahtattoos: FYeahTattoos.comonevoiceonelife95: OneVoiceOneLifekiarashouldbewriting: Doing what you shouldn't is half the fundeliriousdaylight: Passion.It lies in all of us.byhimforhim: By him, for himasdfghjkllove: Read and Relatekatherineswan: Do you still love her?countoamillion: people say i’m a marshmallow.tubbytattooedcurls: TubbyTattedCurlsbookoisseur: Bookoisseurtheclassyfitness: The Classy Fitnessforstanakatic: Snaps?katnipeverqueen: La bonita will kick your assiadoresherlock: so i raise a morphine toast to you allsuicideisnotanoption4u: Suicide is NOT an Option 4 Udetectivekatesblog: Detective Kate's Blogmusefulstranger: Museful Strangerskrepo4kacrazy: So help me get over the butterflies...safewordisapples: I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts!fightingadepression: thisisfromawhileago: Starry Eyed Look . . .leilockheart: Images and Wordsstanamakesmesmile: Does this feel wrong?observerinthecaskett: Imagine the impossibilitiesmalsreynolds: horny engaged lionsidontspeakmonkey: TOUR DE L'ESPACEcastle-41319: So, It Wasn't A Dreamfootygirl88: JungleJim4322thetwelfth41319: beautiful messcastleofcambridge: Alakazam, jackass.stunninglystana: an entire galaxy could live off her smilenever-say-diie: big man in a suit of armourcoffee-means-i-love-you: Raindrops In Your Hairin-fitnessandin-health: In Fitness & and in healthfuckyeahmaryandfrancis: it's you. it's always been you.teilzeitkreativ: Living life's imaginationsayingimages: Tumblr Quotes - Best Tumblr Quotations | Saying Imordinaryinsanity: Don't freak out...skyewardling: We can grab a drink. You and me.psych-facts: Neurolove.memy-fresh-beginning: You are perfect.lovequotesrus: LoveQuotesRusandiloveyoukate: dear rick,simplymaterial: Simply Material;mrsmargotrobbie: I have to pee9yr-old-on-a-sugar-rush: Ramblings of a fangirlchocolateisafoodgroup: The stories we love best do live in us foreverqueenrmills: and now my watch beginsghita13: Castle alwaysending-daley: Where the Daffodils Growforloversxonly: For Lovers Onlynora02583: Stop and stareyshnaxvi: Here, is my heart.rdjismydrug: Love Robert Downey Jrcastle-esque: You're my friendbrittana-mylove: Light at the end of the tunneliv-x-vi: give your heart and soul to mecaskett-coffee-and-always: kennedys way or the high waypainkillers: ***flawlessdeepsandstrength: th1nfitandhealthy: Eat Healthyseriously-stana-katic: Inside the mind of a fangirl.my-tardis-is-a-221b-impala: Drunk Sherlock Is The Best Sherlockmovingearths: tiva is endgameironsnail: castleandsuits: Alivesilence-is-peace: Falling Off The Moonlittle-miss-curvy: ♛ The Curvy Warrior ♛vravenscroft: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giantsblupix: always believe in your soularianechavassse: saturday night specialletsbefreaksaltogether: a little of everything perhapslongcatislooooong: longcat is looooongcaracoleta07: Denisethe-lost-girls-castle-of-feels: The Magical Land Of stuff :)cosimaniehaus135: there is music in youakuserutheflame: Trust my rage.ca-skett: I Like Our Storythebooksandmargarita: Lost in Reverie.certifiablysage: Just a reader and a daydreamercaptain-gryffindor: i really am ruggedly handsome, aren't i?cozcat: And your costumes have always been appalling!thatfunnyblog: That Funny blogdaretochangeyourlife: I will always remember when you were the Doctor.nypd-sundaygirl: I aim to misbehavenotsorry4beingashipper: You never really can fix my heartstanacatnip: Walk Talllikesbybee: likes by beef-i-t-spiration: fitspirationstanakaticbrasil: Stana Katic Brasilhighfunctioningsociopath-221b: pair of weirdosspaceman-earthgirl: From The Shirevanessa-atl: You are what you love, not who loves yousodamnrelatable: So Damn Relatable Quoteskaticparrilla: Loves A Lotmysunday85: :CRAZYLOVE:psychofactz: PSYCHOFACTZ.thewhofiles: well done, henryxnolifewithoutmusicx: No Life Without Musicbastlececkett: button up, kittennotgoodwithadvice: where do I begin...imalittleredtorvette: Nothing can change destinyswanqueen-fan: SwanQueen Fanlifesmorepainlessforthebrainless: Everyone deserves the chance to fly.....imaginaryvigilante: you could be the king but watch the queen conquerdetective-sweetvanilla: Rest in peace Lee500daysofcastle: Jar of Heartsdoxiedoctor: woman inherits the earthsuicidal-depressive-and-more: Una loca compulsiva suicida bipolar. :)♥alyssinmymind: Life,less words,carry on..smileyouarebeautiful789: It is not about the books anymorefinefrenzy-: like fire engines racingcastletvweb: The Castle Chroniclesthepossibilityofmagic: Shiny.obsessedwithcastle: Alwaysofficerbeckett: becomelean: Become Leanitsyouandmealways: It's you and me alwayschrismukkahinacup: everybody pants nowsacredhatred: sacredhatredhousebeckett: HouseBeckettdanyshandmaiden: allison is in the stars with zoekatiehoughton: what we both need right nowweshipcaskett: the castle timesmillionponds: every day in a million daysstanamylove: obviously-a-mermaid: Let the storm rage on.baratheonn: The Wolves will come Againalex-vause-chapman: Welcome to the island of a misfit toycosimaniehaus71: Cosima, Kira's not a lizardedenlord: I am toxin ;airbefore: universal longingssamitballi: I Have Confidence In Meshatteredsoulx3: No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.stanicorn: Somewhere in the starsalwayseverythingeventually: serendipityrisking-our-hearts: Truth Conquers Allcastlemondayz: Castle MONDAYZwhenyoulooktothestars: Everybody liestunney-ing: "Someone better than me"dancingontiptoes: Beautiful Messbooyacastle: I’m a cop… helper.stanathanforalways: Stana(Ka)ticsunnylovely: You have no Ideaspacecowboybriony: We all dream of leaving...khaleesi-my-queen: To love is to destroyimgfave: imgfavethecastleofgrace: the illuminant castleloganeccholls: crawl from the rubble and slowly rebuildscribblecat27: Scribblecatalwayshappier15: Nothing is Inevitable.dickcastle: sure. fine. whatever.thewriterinthebatcave: The Writer In The Batcaveyoureallyblewmymind: I can’t imagine my life without youthe-boring-story-called-my-life: It Makes Me Happycresmix: Land of Hungry Dreamers
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