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Aspiring UX Designer and Castle Fan from Indiana.
you-know-nothing-jon-snow: “What I have can't be taught”spaceman-earthgirl: From The Shireglow-fromtheinside: let's go hit on some poodlesgreys-castle: fuckjoffrey: I'd run away with you, would you run with me?mrandmrscaskett: Rise of The Runawaysdreaming-an-impossible-dream: I was born to be happy, not normal. maura-is-sunshine: I watch way too many tv showsteilzeitkreativ: Living life's imaginationcaptain-gryffindor: i really am ruggedly handsome, aren't i?booyacastle: I’m a cop… helper.iwantaflyingpony: One Writer Girltiva-caskett-rizzles-densi4eva: Tiva_Caskett_Rizzles_Densi-4EVAms-stanatic: ~Always~ Stana Katicstanamaslany: Until Tomorrow.everything-ncis: Everything NCISpicsandquotes: Pictures and Quotescastle-esque: Breathing comes in pairsstanaswonderland: She took my coffee, Castle!fivehundredyearsofsolitude: Mr Smolderhaldercaityllotz: not exactly a fairytalefede3004: I may be crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.sasha-sexual: the fooltheclassyfitness: The Classy Fitnessthekillerisazombie: Castle, FLO & more*beckettsestra: You're Damn Right.cresmix: Land of Hungry Dreamerstheantipodeanhomo: theantipodeanhomoihave-noidea-whatim-doing: All about ME!i-am-nikki-heat: So roar, be fearless, and go chase those dreams!mustardcookie: Holy fishsticksdathlena: the only one i can count on, is mecastlecasketteer: Earth Girlbeckett-loves-her-castle-coffee: My Muse, My inspiration, and My lifefitness-and-sparkles: 68 lbs down, 10 to go!drinkingcastleskoolaid: I'm Only Humanstanacatnip: You Fought, You Loved, You Lost. Walk Tall.caskett-copop83: All the songs make sense.thatfunnyblog: That Funny bloggamclover: beckett-kendrick-vause-zane: I don’t want ordinary … I want magicalmostdrniehaus: What a clonederfull worldstana-freaking-katic: hey, loverchubby-bunnies: ✿ CHUBBY BUNNIES ✿britt-britt-santana: A choir of beautiful cheats.swikeupyolife: Swike up yo lifefirefly-who-loves-castle: Writer's Vestcozcat: fervid as a flamedeepfriedtwinkie: The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learnstyleyourbody: Make a difference!castleismyoneanddone: Somebody's got to nail my fins to the floorquotediaryofficial: Quote Diaryicanrelateto: Photos and Quoteskosma-u: (not) the only addiction...thedailypozitive: The Daily Positivemargaerysclones: ♥ EVERY WALL IS A DOOR ♥vanya-s: Little weirdofuzzyredcurls: Tumbling Through Tumultuous Terrorsnikkiheat16: My-safe-word-is-applesfightingforanimals: Veganism is not a sacrifice; it is a joy.bananalovingrunner: I love bananas and runningpsych-facts: Neurolove.mebellamoreish: psych-quotes: Psych-Quotesswiss-castle-fans: Swiss Castle Fansfactsfictions: Facts & Fictionsahvenjers: vatican cameosyoumakeme-laugh: Funniest stuff on the netwatch-it-with-t: Random shit that I reblogbyhimforhim: By him, for himthey-messed-me-up: They stole what's good in me.officialfitspiration: KEEP GOINGbestworstmistake: The Possibility of Magicdebeklena: people die around you.juliannamargulies: not great, admittedlydiet-andexercise: weight loss blogmiss-bythebook: Welcome to my life!becomelean: Become Leanenigmatic-doctor-scully: Jiggawah?!modern-day-classic: The Snow Queencosimaniehausobvs: Shut The Front Door...mother-balls: Look how they shine for you.i-love-castle: CASTLEjumping-chinchilla-rogers: tibi. in omne tempus.directionbeautymeaning: Music,life,loverunawayminds: Castle of Insanitymelanieexox: Because You Didn't See This Coming...leilockheart: Images and Wordsbrowneyeproductions: Creative Splatlittle-miss-curvy: Queenfit-and-skinny-kate: Be Healthy, Be Happy!meemzey: Live Laugh Loveshowswelove: Caskett ~ Stana Katic ~ Nathan Filliontrustoneself: we are all brokendreamentrada: You Are Extraordinarybeckettaddison: keep the dorkus flowingbeautifulpicturesofhealthyfood: Beautiful Pictures Of Healthy Foodwankymind: Shy in the streets, Sexy in the sheetsbabygray: babygrayasdfghjkllove: Read and Relatebeckett-ing: "Someone better than me"in-fitnessandin-health: In Fitness & and in healthzodiacchic: Zodiac Chicsandcastlesandsunlight: None of them were you.charles-bingley: lovequotesrus: LoveQuotesRuscoffeedepablo: leave the light on.toopandatofunction: World loversandorclegane: babycastle09: BROADWAY HERE I COMEtakeiteasykate: You got thisdetective-swanqueen: Once upon a Coffeethisisfromawhileago: Starry Eyed Look . . .caskett-coffee-always: Just so I can see a smile on your facedianelockhart: me, the machine can dreamrickcasshole: one really sad lionthewriterinthebatcave: The Writer In The Batcavedoxiedoctor: woman inherits the earthfindcakeeatcake: “i can be quite sarcastic when i'm in the mood.”thenextsilkspectre: I am not afraidimbatmanshhhh: IM SO FAR FROM PERFECT SO FAR ITS BEEN WORTH ITqueenkatiee: Be A Queenwhenthestardanced: meet the stormalways47coffees: Always 47 Coffeeskarengillan: cheer up have an icecreamkatequeenargent: kiss your knuckles ;;hair-dye: Life's too short for boring hairdeath-by-lulz: Death By LULZrecoveryisbeautiful: Recovery is Beautiful10knotes: Only Posts With Ten Thousand Notesclimbingtothelight: I am done being afraid.justawhatsit: Ramblings of a What's It.lucyripleys: see you in hell, bonersin-this-reverie: Stuck in this reveriethe-absolute-funniest-posts: The Absolute Funniest Postscasisaidlegs: You think it's a weakness? Make it a strength.chasingyoursilhouette: burdened with glorious purposecertifiablysage: Just a reader and a daydreamershatteredsoulx3: No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.cersei: winter will never come for the likes of useletheowl: ELETHEOWLmedicalfangirl: Med student by day, fangirl by nightoktotalk: OK2TALKcaskett-because-always: Alwayskitkatbex47: Stana Is Lifecapsicle107: i am my own woman- first, last, and alwaysmy-fresh-beginning: Don't Forget To Love Yourselfspacecowboybriony: We all dream of leaving...coffee-means-i-love-you: Raindrops In Your Hairshippingfest: Eachothers perfectshipsnthenight: like ships in the night...teaspoon-of-happiness: Always & Foreverkate-loves-rick: ÅʆᏊαƴىgloriouskatic: Forget your faith in me.kisskorra: Bend me like one of your elementscowboyscastleandkatic: He's the cream in my coffee.steamy-icecubes: nothing breaks you;obsessionsoflifestyle: Obsessions of lifestylepickle-flavored-pizza: Picture perfect, that's what it seems.tellmeyouloveme--always: Always?birdcagesanddemons: I'm gonna drink myself to death with demon bloodbckettsponytail: because i love yourealm-of-possibilities: You know nothinglemonsunrise: all i could think about was yousimplymaterial: The stars above us; the world at our feetprincefillion: Dead, Alive or Canadianhopelessaddicted: Hopeless Addictedpeetaismyhero: if i was a unicorn, i'd never be angrybethchildsonbroadway: tatiana maslanystanakatic-enoughsaid: Stana Katic, enough said.fillmycoffeecupwithriddles: Breathe your life into my poetryandkate-iloveyou: And Kate? I love youvesperass-anuna: It ain't no sin to be glad you're alivecatnipeverdin: Not today.rebel-becks: And So.be-with-katherine: Self-Titled Castletakapuna1: Takapuna1gemauari: Castle & Beckettjust-another-suffering-guy: Guys Suffer Too!gracewillprazeyou: THE HOLY TRINITY OF YOUTUBEkalliopepl: Alakazam, jackass!dickcastle: runway for aliensomg-you-re-proposing: OMG you're proposing!!!!?!alwayscastle17: Always Kate Castle! alyssinmymind: Life,less words,carry on..howonsexual: 解けない魔法castleramblings: Now shut up, and kiss me.nothingbutshelbert: The Blondes with BOB & Blakesg1immortalized: Imagination Encircles the Worldcrimedramaromanceperfection: squandering my youth on the internetalwaysastory: There's always a story. You just have to find it.hearttohart: as long as it takesalwayswiththecoffee: next time, let's do it without the tiger.fyeahreign: Reign airs Thursdays at 9/8cpossibilityforjoy: Breathe it in, breathe your life inmylifeinshows: lawgri: Castle NPYDagenttdunham: But we are not men.phoebebuffays: Conceal, don't feelthebooksandmargarita: Lost in Reveriethecastleofgrace: the illuminant castlethegreatgeorgia: Rad As Heck41319beckett: Princess Lexie Greygoforwhatevermakesyouhappy: the-bluestblue-box: Geronimoelizabthmontgomery: on a rollkatebeckettcastle: weathered, unapologetic storiescastle-becketts: the stars above us, the world at our feet.airavana: psychofactz: PSYCHOFACTZ.xb6783746: - if I let myself care, all I feel is pain -j-rizzolis: gotcha.augusters: the dust and memorysilence-is-peace: Falling Off The Moonallons-youwish: Sigh No Morewhy-am-i-narrating: Life is a story worth tellingdandelionnwine: dreamerdlphinecormier: pauvre petit chiotemzy-caskett: Emzy-Caskettandyflynns: starstrucksarah: starstrucksarahsofika0707: Vincit omnia veritasnikki-heatt: sine timorevalsc17: Sometimes is somethingloverofcastle: Castle Alwaysi-blindside: Blindsidedhopelesslydistracted: Alwayscountoamillion: bitch with wifi.caskettesque: an entire galaxy could live off her smilekiarashouldbewriting: Doing what you shouldn't is half the funtherandomthoughtsofawriter: The Random Thoughts of a Writernowyoukno: Now You Knowpennybakerclub: Penny Baker Clubcastlesmuse: never end.blupix: always believe in your soulcatsaroul: Cassandra Mariekatie-mcgrath: big damn heroesimalittleredtorvette: Nothing can change destinybamf-beckett: There are no victories. There's only the battle.fuckyeahfavouritethings: Accent à droite, bitch!queengillybean: beep booptonyandzivauk: ..Till I see you againangelcosta78: I Do This One Thing With Ice Cubesono-sto-osecam: .All of me.amys-notfakingit: harbinger of deaththeamycomplex: Shake it outcoffeeforyoursmile: I Never Stoppedtammycoccinella: Tammy van Coccinellatheveganredhead: Where Are You?never-ending-dance: Lilu2Gobrochumaslany: what do we say to the god of death?itsquel: you are scientifically incorrectdietfitnesshealth: diet. fitness. health.lifeinfrontofthebox: Emma, Dana, Castle, Heatherifonlyalways: ifonlyalwayslespizzasjoey: castleijustwantyoualways: Mr. C & Mrs. C-To-Beseriously-stana-katic: Inside the mind of a fangirl.beckstiva: Sometimes the best teacup is chippedalltheloststars: running down to the riptide walkingfairytalegoodlord: "Look at my life, my dreams come true"atisketacaskett: Castle and other thingshowthisworks-caskett: You do know how this works, right?waitimtotallyobsessed: I choose him over and over again and he chooses mesuicideisnotanoption4u: Suicide is NOT an Option 4 Ureleaseurinhibitions: ahoy, sexy!ffleurdelacour: idk... hiatus, maybekyinhi: Caffeine isn't a drug, it's a vitamin!jamespmilner: i make whale noises a lotdetectivekatesblog: Detective Kate's Bloglife-ina-beautiful-light: Life in a Beautiful Lightcastlefanfics: Castle Fanfictionhartossexuals: oopthkatherinestanabeckett: I wanna be more than who i amcastlefangirl: Castle Fangirlvravenscroft: Standing On The Shoulders Of Giantsangryfeministbabe: stanakunis: muldaaah: you can't take the sky from me.boobsdepablo: like a valiant, pungent reindeer king!darling-justlive: I am what I am.eiregirl05: "Do I look like I'm trying to be funny?"poialliisi: Trinxyskymalarky: Skyler michelecastle-beckett-life: Castle + Beckett.rewindplay: let us die youngthewritingscribe: Sine Timoreanalytik: random rantsthedoinkdoinkgirl: nobody's homeexpandingcomfortzones: Rolling with the thundercontinue-to-be-amazing: Continue To Be Amazingfoxsmulder: charlie hummusskepticusmaximus: non-fat tofutti rice dreamsiclecoquette-brunette: You really are remarkable.mondaymeanscastle: Shut up and kiss memy--journey: my-journeyblaze78-caskettalways: Always.nathantics: Mr. Fillionhodgepodgebrie: The sun was in my eyeschocolateisafoodgroup: The stories we love best do live in us forever
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