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Aspiring UX Designer and Castle Fan from Indiana.
txohioxt: A Day in the Life of a Fangirlkathryncrusher: teach my song to rise to youtheaudacity--ofhope: you were there and i was here.tardirosal: Smaller on the outsideclimbingtothelight: I am done being afraid.beckett-loves-her-castle-coffee: Oh, you're in my veins and I cannot get you out...evillocksley: horny engaged lionsphoebebuffays: Conceal, don't feelgenetically-identical: genetically-identicalziggius: AllThingsAwesomecasisaidlegs: You think it's a weakness? make it a strength.succuboss: what if i'm a monster?its-more-than-coffee: My nerd is showing...goddesskatic: Crazy Awesomejust-another-suffering-guy: Guys Suffer Too!misc-obsessions: The President of Fantasylandgaksdesigns: .tvfanatic: Nothing Happens Unless First a Dreamcptstarbuck: Same boat, different pantspeetaismyhero: darkness exists to make light truly countarchemicstar: a mind forever voyaging.keep-it-i-resign: A Writer and His Muserandomrisa: now, shut up & kiss me.cloudywithachanceofcaskettt: all-the-marvelous-avengers: Couple of Master Assasinsj-rizzolis: gotcha.brochumaslany: Cosima, Kira's not a lizardmeumundodaluaa: Mundo da Lua...wewillcontinuetobeamazing: "You"captivatethefearless: detectivejane: Like Mulder and Scully?beckettsarrow: To My Alwaysonceuponacaskett: O Captain! My Captain!stanasongs: Close Your Eyesstratofortressb: In My Darkest Moment You Are At My Sidekaticstoleacastle: you're in my veinsbuckaybarnes: you're my missionlolsofunny: Funny Blog on Tumblr - Funny Relatable,memes,gifssodamnrelatable: So Damn Relatable Quoteshearditbothwaays: I've heard it both waysstaypozitive: Stay Positive - Inspiring Quotessiobhansadler1: Evil isn't born, it's made.in-fitnessandin-health: In Fitness & and in healthcleverdistraction: a complicated heartthe-absolute-funniest-posts: The Absolute Funniest Postssass-ship-enterprise: A storm's a'brewin'ohhmyloki: Clueing for looksending-daley: Where the Daffodils Growthewhofiles: well done, henrydebeklena: we're real.castle-tvd-greysanatomy-bones: Take me awayforeverofcourse: forever_of_coursetimetraveling-detective: Beating the odds, one coffee at a time.beckettsbitchface: I gave you the look!miss-bythebook: Welcome to my life!kathiestrike: makingitastrength: a lifeless face you'll soon forgetheckbennett: He is hot hot hot like a tater totconfessions-of-a-cutaholic: Confessions of a cutaholic.chelseaquintal: somewhere in forever we'll dance again.iwantobemorethanwhoiam: You think it’s a weakness? Make it a strength.thecasketteers: castle, you were an assflowersforyourgrave: There's always a storyandthisismekissingyouback: hello humans!synorama: BIG BADDA BOOMdiet-fitness-h-e-a-l-t-h: ☼diet. fitness. health.☼forgottenfeeelings: Forgotten Feelingsi-need-to-go-over-there: It only hurts if you let itqueergranger: maybe this is a better version of mekatebeckettsboobs: I Just Want Youbones4life: Even on the worst days theres a possibility of joypsych-facts: Neurolove.menickmillerswife: YouHaveNoIdeaWhatYouMeanToMethetwelfth41319: beautiful messthegreatgeorgia: Smushed Up Against the 4th Wallijustwantcastle: sine timoremy-fresh-beginning: You are perfect.lyhdiamartins: why can't I dream?fightingadepression: murderkissesandmagic: Risking our hearts is why we're aliveleilockheart: Images and Wordsdtve-swanqueen: Katic. (◕‿◕✿)purplewaters: If there is a straw.. I'm graspingtikerion: enchantémy-teen-quote: My Teen Quotedreaming-to-be-happy: Me, just methe-personal-quotes: the personal quotesnikkiheat16: My-safe-word-is-applesluvcbalways: vincit omnia veritascastleramblings: OK, wow. She is not invited to the wedding.flabofsteel: Flab of Steelalways-and-always-and-always: clear eyes. full hearts. can't lose.katebckett: holy-interruptus-batman: you can't take the sky from methatshumanity: chaos has come againtunney-ing: "Someone better than me"katick: castleandbeckettafterthestorm: The Couple That Is, After the Stormpsych-quotes: Psych-Quotesshetookmycoffeecastle: a line has been crossed...icanrelateto: Photos and Quotesfant4syland: Fantasylandkates-coffee: She took my Coffee.
What's next, my soul?certifiablysage: Just a reader and a daydreamerservethenuts: C'est un chevalcopsandwriters: don't drag my best friend, tv, into thiscoffee-means-love: I'm Ella. I love tv and food.tunneyful: you dropped your fishsticksallow-me-to-speak: Allow Me To Speakimgfave: imgfavekaleidoscope-machines: beep boopstyleyourbody: Make a difference!angryfeministbabe: chimicheese: cheese is expenselikecinnamonlikesugarvenom: ♥Teresa Heart ♥anatomyofashipper: we have to go backtom-sits-like-a-whore: ifyoubreaktheuniverse: you'll seealwayscastleobsession: Alwayscastleismyoneanddone: Release the stuffed animalsquotediaryofficial: Quote Diaryidontspeakmonkey: TOUR DE L'ESPACEfleurdelisno: Untitledpsychofactz: PSYCHOFACTZ.katecastle-and-rookieblues: Always.....Fake it till ya make it!forevercaskett: just like us..beautifulpicturesofhealthyfood: Beautiful Pictures Of Healthy Foodgoodwinsginnifer: the city was on fire for usteenangstbullshitbodycount: She lives in a fairytale, somewhere too far for usloveisaboutbeatingtheodds: Long Live The Evil Queenpinktheatre: Little Miss big ole heart beats wide opentherearemomentsiwonder: There Are Moments I Wonderreign-: long may she reignfuckjoffrey: oh I feel overjoyed, when you listen to my wordsqueen-ofthecastle: rivers til' I reach you.katebeckettcastle: weathered, unapologetic storiesabaddoncomplex: i'm officially on your team, you bastardsstanastia: stanastiacastleanatomy: I thought the earth moved74flawsasofyesterday: I'm a Wiseass, Not a Jackasskb-rc23: Alwaysclone-club-324b21: We're All Stories In the End.cop-helper: Sunny, Chance of Ass Kickingcaskettalways94: AlwaysEvawayward-wind: Blopthewriterinthebatcave: The Writer In The Batcaveredandbluelights: Red & Blue Lights10knotes: Only Posts With Ten Thousand Notesthroughlookingmirror: Through the Looking Mirrorboundbychoices-morethanmistakes: Lost&Confusedfightingforanimals: Veganism is not a sacrifice; it is a joy.bananalovingrunner: I love bananas and runninga-writers-home: i was enchanted to meet you ♡darling-justlive: I am what I am.probalicious: I Envy Your Brain Sometimescaskett-and-coffee: caskett and coffeeelsaba-thropp: Revolting Tykeaplacetomakeyourstand: child of the universewondertwinc: para-para-paradisea-really-good-font: Solve Me A Crimelikesomeevilpanda: A land that I heard of once in a lullabydetectivekatecaskett: The Muse's Side Of Thingsstanaismyidol: laters, babylanabanabanana: You're in my veinslovequotesrus: LoveQuotesRusactlikethatcastlefan: If only...timetravelingevilqueen: TimeTravelingEvilQueendetectivekhoughtonb: earth mother goddess spaceyoukillmypatience: a thousand oceanscmfan321: "Wifey, Light of my life, Suger bear?"castletvweb: The Castle Chroniclesexodusofmetaphors: An Exodus of Metaphorstubbytattooedcurls: TubbyTattedCurlscafeconcanela: Alright little bird, let’s sing!fitness-and-sparkles: 68 lbs down, 10 to go!officerbeckett: buffyshot: Buffyshotobsessed-tiffles: Merakilovemesometv: It is what it ishealth-accomplished: Health Accomplished ✓becomelean: Become Leanpicsandquotes: Pictures and Quotesekinham: I love you with all my heartsynnister: folie à deuxon3writergirl: coffee & whiskeythenextsilkspectre: Jon Osterman's science buddywearwhatyouwatch: Wear What You Watchsensitiveriot: I'm with you till the end of the lineextraordinarypartners: Like a Fucking Dream I'm Living Inshakespeareanwit: we are the stake, yet we look on the contest with parker-ed: Stay with me ♥coffeeforyoursmile: I Never Stoppeddrowninginlove: seeking perfection in an imperfect world.swanqueen-trueloveiswhoyouchoose: "Love is the best thing we do"castle-beckett-life: Castle + Beckett.katigron: A castle can only have one king.workoutlivelove: Workout, Live, Lovedetcaskett: You are the dumbest genius I knowtouchedetective: Sine Timoreiadoresherlock: so i raise a morphine toast to you allkatherineswan: Do you still love her?suicideisnotanoption4u: Suicide is NOT an Option 4 Ujumping-chinchilla-rogers: Breaking Characterdrivenbypain: drivenbypainthefbimostunwanted: I want to believebzangy: Bzangy Picobelieveinmikita: Michael and Nikita Bishop.footygirl88: JungleJim4322chasingyoursilhouette: burdened with glorious purposecarrie--maries: Welcome to my simple little screwed up life.skyewardling: We can grab a drink. You and me.superwholockcaskett: vatican cameosofficerparker: at least we still have each other;my-tardis-is-a-221b-impala: Drunk Sherlock Is The Best Sherlockairbefore: universal longingsgreeenarrow: You are woo-less, as it were?darksandtwistys: life changes in a heartbeatcastle-all-day-erryday: H u m a n i t ystanaticfan: Stana Katic is the center of my Universe!!haveafeyntasticday: i'm so happy when you dance with medeath-by-lulz: Death By LULZwritingonthecastlewalls: Writing on the Castle Wallsthatfunnyblog: That Funny blogmakemestfu: Sanity turns to Vanity.creaminhercoffee: "I'm a big nerd....I'm a big dork"thisisfromawhileago: Starry Eyed Look . . .fit-and-skinny-kate: Be Healthy, Be Happy!dreaming-an-impossible-dream: I was born to be happy, not normal. katicfanatic: Always.spiritualinspiration: Spiritual Inspirationthedailypozitive: The Daily Positivedreamentrada: You Are Extraordinarykatebexett: clair de lunehartossexuals: oopthhowonsexual: 解けない魔法countoamillion: people say i’m a marshmallow.omg-you-are-proposing: watch how i soaral-exvause: we're all stories in the endmlf2623: Love Will Stand When All Else Fallsmissactress04: Hi-clarisse-: Unexpectedlycastleabc-fans: A Writer and His Musecastleandgreysanatomy: Forever and Alwaysdearestqueen: je ne sais pasmcgeekle: You are not alonedream-of-electric-sheep: nothing but the rainallylifts: meepmopa-torvs: he's clueing for looksnostabbingwednesdays: God Complex, what does that even mean?killerbeckett: if you want me, earn mek17l53: Murder, He Wroteimacrispian: Be Healthy And F*ck Everyonebookoisseur: Bookoisseurcassbones: Cassie's Blogtheclassyfitness: The Classy Fitnesstheturtleinthecastle: Don't ruin my story with your logiccaracoleta07: Denisebadasskatebeckett: To my always. You make saving the world magical.maddie005: Karma Is A Bitchagentbering: promise you'll remember meelphabathropp-s: defy gravityerinfuckinglindsay: i want a sword that horsefightstvfilmjunkie1984: In this life, there are nothing but possibilities.gracefulwallflower: All I Need Is Trustkate-loves-rick: Alwaysrecoveryisbeautiful: Recovery is Beautifulonlybattles: goatmilkquimicacuantica: amnitratesdayrates: anything but emptywalkingtravestyyyyx: Shut the front door.yfeelings: beating the odds.myownlimelight: Writer, Nerdfighter, Harto-sexual, Castle Addictstanakaticbrasil: Stana Katic Brasillaragonzeeles: all kinds of shitatleastmycatsloveme: Meow.pittsburghs: never look back, never give upalwaysrickandkate: Alwaysalways-caskett47: Love is not a switch, you can't turn it offshesfiction: Sleepless nights...obsessionsoflife: Obsessions of Lifedevviedev: I'm not short, I'm fun sizedinterfacerose: Imperfect Impostorsstanathanlovelovelove: Monkey_monkey_underpants_beckettshooha: ..they did it without the tigerdoctor-hwo: well, excited and scaredwww-caskettalways: Alwaysdonthemes: Donniert Themesitisthedrawer: Always.queenderien: we're not making tapaswait-what-im-so-confused: uh??oktotalk: OK2TALKalways47coffees: Always 47 Coffeeslittlecanuck: My Little Corner.forloversxonly: For Lovers Onlyblueaerynworld: Blueaeryn's Worldallprocrastinationswelcome: you should be writingcastlesmuse: beating the oddsmrwritermonkey: i find beauty in everythinghair-dye: Life's too short for boring hairkaatic: tattoo and a smile.

Castle 6.15 "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - download



TORRENT: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/9627131/Castle.2009.S06E15.HDTV.x264-LOL[rartv]





BTS Castle: On set interviews with Stana Katic, Penny Johnson Jerald, & Seamus Dever (pretty sure this took place during the filming of 6x17).






To do list.

excuse me


Holy fucking shit

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these two need to be friends like yesterday

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Kate Beckett is a beautiful character with a very touching story.

Stephanie of Monaco ( who lost her mother, Grace Kelly, when she was only 17 years old )

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Can we just speak about that floor for a second


If you don’t think Kevin Ryan is adorable as fuck, then just don’t even talk to me.


If you don’t think Kevin Ryan is adorable as fuck, then just don’t even talk to me.

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People who say that yesterday was better than today are ultimately devaluing their own existence.

― Karl Lagerfeld (via psych-quotes)


Castle Cast - Season 6 Promotional Photo Shoot, edit


Castle Cast - Season 6 Promotional Photo Shoot, edit


I love the fact that at first she literally tries to hide behind castle then remembers she’s a tough NYPD Detective!

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“My name is Stana… It rhymes with Madonna… or banana…(if you come from England). It’s not that hard. Get it right.

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becketts not amused, castle.

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