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You are extraordinary.thewizpalace: Waffles, friends and work.caskett-happened: dont apologize for something that makes you happyitsmekatykat: Every moment is wonderfully taken into one's heartbethchildsonbroadway: tatiana maslanyericasreed: it looks like rain ♡imnotacoptodayhoney: Must be a writerthetwelfth41319: beautiful messthedailypozitive: The Daily Positivethebrokenqueen: the world would never look at you the same waycloudywithachanceofcaskettt: opskatic: stay with me, okay?murderkissesandmagic: Risking our hearts is why we're alivesupernerd127: The Super Nerdaiming4misbehaving: I Aim To Misbehavechasingyoursilhouette: burdened with glorious purposequoterepublic: Quote Republic™ - Relatable Quoteshowonsexual: 解けない魔法caskettlover101: OCD: ALL ABOUT CASTLEfightingforanimals: Veganism is not a sacrifice; it is a joy.stay----motivated: Motivation is Keypsych-quotes: Psych-Quoteslinettiperetti: The Moral Backbone of a Chocolate Eclairtardirosal: Smaller on the outsideohtentoo: "Other girls were faint stars; she was his sun."queenkatiee: Love Yourselfkbexismyhero: I'm weird, hi...castleismyobsession: Castle is my Obsession!holy-interruptus-batman: you can't take the sky from merebelkbexx: ending-daley: Where the Daffodils Growcaskett-4ever: Caskett Will Be Always In Our Heartsjulesburke: 324b21cozcat: And your costumes have always been appalling!the-caskett-always: The Little Caskettdownthe-rizzles-caskett-holewego: Down the Rizzles & Caskett hole we go...chimicheese: cheese is expensethe-absolute-funniest-posts: The Absolute Funniest Poststheoddestcastle: On the Corner of 1st and Amistadlikesomeevilpanda: A land that I heard of once in a lullabyobsessionsoflife: Obsessions of Lifeclone-club-324b21: We're All Stories In the End.lawgri: Castle NPYDforgottenfeeelings: Forgotten Feelingsmy-teen-quote: My Teen Quoteaaronpocalypse: The opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation10knotes: Only Posts With Ten Thousand Notesffleurdelacour: ✭regina phalange;hearditbothwaays: I've heard it both wayscoffee-cups-and-raindrops: For who could ever learn to love a beast?melanieexox: Because You Didn't See This Coming...hartossexuals: oopthssv-nightingale: Walk with the shadows.iwishthatihadduckfeet: My Momma says I'm Specialthatswhatclonesdo: Mad Woman with a Blue Boxhealth-accomplished: Health Accomplished ✓diet-andexercise: weight loss blogsasha713: Shut the Front Doorstanacatnip: Walk Talluniversallongings: So we beat on...littlecanuck: My Little Corner.ithinkwerejustgettingstarted: 'if only'glendashearman: romantickate5876buffyshot: Buffyshotcerseilannister: twinkle twinkle, big starhoughtoncastle: Of things I love.kelli-p: Kelli Ptellme0urstory: Hello, you've reached the winter of our discontentowlsomenurse: Always & Foreverscullmeister: I have a Norwegian Elkhound. 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I love tv and food.alwaysextraordinarykb: Caskettekinham: I love you with all my heartcaskett-because-always: idontspeakmonkey: TOUR DE L'ESPACEspacecowboybriony: We all dream of leaving...thehauntedcastleiscatchingfire: "You smell like cherries."gloriouskatic: Forget your faith in me.rebel-becks: fit-and-skinny-kate: Be Healthy, Be Happy!stana-freaking-katic: love me in focusshowswelove: Caskett ~ Stana Katic ~ Nathan Fillionspiritualinspiration: Spiritual Inspirationallons-youwish: Silence Is the Perfectest Herald of Joydreamentrada: You Are Extraordinarylizard-on-ice: We'll always be together, right?jetgirl78: JetGirl: Neighborhood Fangirl Dealerprismaticlife: make it like your birthday everydaycastle-esque: You're my friendrcalwayskb: Dreamcaskett-case: One Lincoln Fortyagentbering: promise you'll remember menetflixandfangirling: Netflix & Fangirlingkeeperofthetardis: Keeper of the TARDISatleastmycatsloveme: Meow.icanrelateto: Photos and Quotescertifiablysage: Just a reader and a daydreameralways-the-writer-vest: i'm the baby whisperermy-fresh-beginning: You are perfect.beckett-loves-her-castle-coffee: Oh, you're in my veins and I cannot get you out...lovequotesrus: LoveQuotesRusteenangstbullshitbodycount: She lives in a fairytale, somewhere too far for usofficerpecks: i retire champion of the worldginnabean: Tie my own sandals and everything.alexisdawn: Future Authorthisisfromawhileago: Starry Eyed Look . . .angela-loves-stana: Angie :)edenlord: I am toxin ;katebeckettcastle: weathered, unapologetic storieschubby-bunnies: ✿ CHUBBY BUNNIES ✿capsicle107: i don't require your helpheat-wave: into the blue.fyeahreign: Reign airs Thursdays at 9/8cobsessed-tiffles: Merakionceuponahorrorcastle: SPRINGstyleyourbody: Make a difference!atisketacaskett: All Things Castleonlybluebutterfly: I'm on firewritingonthecastlewalls: Writing on the Castle Wallsaliciaflorrcks: always.tell-me-our-story-endlessly: Lovesick Foolthewriterboyandhismuse: Living on a latte and a prayer...castleandbeckettafterthestorm: The Couple That Is, After the Stormsuperwholockcaskett: vatican cameosbadasskatebeckett: To my always. You make saving the world magical.tvfilmjunkie1984: In this life, there are nothing but possibilities.wait-what-im-so-confused: uh??scribblecat27: Scribblecatbaratheonn: The Wolves will come Againsg1immortalized: Imagination Encircles the Worldmystickarma: Lady Morganadeath-by-lulz: Death By LULZforeverofcourse: forever_of_courseal-exvause: we're all stories in the endsayingimages: Tumblr Quotes - Best Tumblr Quotations | Saying Implayskate: I have an OCD (obssesive Castle Disorder)fcukyeahquotes: johnwartson: I'm not fucking beigejailbaitjareau: come to the dark side... we have cheetoswecaught-eachother: Just a fandom girl...smoke-the-world-away: Annabelle Doll∞kiarashouldbewriting: Doing what you shouldn't is half the funcontinue-to-be-amazing: Continue To Be Amazingskyewardling: We can grab a drink. You and me.fitness--riot: Fitness Riotmath-attack: Wut.acastledisciple: ACastleDiscipledream-of-electric-sheep: nothing but the rainyourlittleharmonicaishammered: I’m Monica. 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What's next, my soul?becomelean: Become Leanalwayscaskett47: My One and Donecasisaidlegs: You think it's a weakness? make it a strength.finding-excelsior: The outside world is foreign to mereign-: long may she reignqueenmcnally: surprisesgettinprettyskinny: Karen's Getting Fiiitlyndsey0334: The Everyday Magic of Lifelynnleev: Randomness...my life this go-roundlanabanabanana: You're in my veinsbeckett-luvs-her-goober: Live.laugh.love.musingfan: If only.from-apples-to-always: When You're In Love All The Lines Get Blurredletthewordsfallout: Welcome to reality, Superstar.bckettsponytail: because i love youangryfeministbabe: funhousee: funhouseeofficerbeckett: turnyburny: Let it Beginall-the-marvelous-avengers: I Belong In Middle Earthcaskettshipper96: Lonely Girl With Tons Of Friendsboobsdepablo: like a valiant, pungent reindeer king!caskettshipper-badassbeckettfan: I use the slow clap for everything..creaminhercoffee: "I'm a big nerd....I'm a big dork"endlessdanceandmusic: Endless Dance & Musicthe0ldhaunt: BIG DAMN HEROESbeckettsarrow: To My Alwaysmr-satchmo: The lamp doesn't have a familyfuckyeahtattoos: FYeahTattoos.com

Castle 6.15 "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - download



TORRENT: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/9627131/Castle.2009.S06E15.HDTV.x264-LOL[rartv]





BTS Castle: On set interviews with Stana Katic, Penny Johnson Jerald, & Seamus Dever (pretty sure this took place during the filming of 6x17).






To do list.

excuse me


Holy fucking shit

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these two need to be friends like yesterday

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Kate Beckett is a beautiful character with a very touching story.

Stephanie of Monaco ( who lost her mother, Grace Kelly, when she was only 17 years old )

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Can we just speak about that floor for a second


If you don’t think Kevin Ryan is adorable as fuck, then just don’t even talk to me.


If you don’t think Kevin Ryan is adorable as fuck, then just don’t even talk to me.

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People who say that yesterday was better than today are ultimately devaluing their own existence.

― Karl Lagerfeld (via psych-quotes)


Castle Cast - Season 6 Promotional Photo Shoot, edit


Castle Cast - Season 6 Promotional Photo Shoot, edit


I love the fact that at first she literally tries to hide behind castle then remembers she’s a tough NYPD Detective!

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“My name is Stana… It rhymes with Madonna… or banana…(if you come from England). It’s not that hard. Get it right.

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becketts not amused, castle.

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